SHK Essen: Viessmann presents new product lines to the public

Cooling, heating, dehumidifying and air conditioning with Vitoclima 300-S and Vitoclima 200-S | Innovative generation of heat pumps for modernization and new builds: Vitocal 250-A series and Vitocal 200-S series | Numerous innovations at SHK Essen from September 6 to 9, 2022, in Hall 3, Stand A09 to A11

The image shows Vitoclima 300-S and Vitoclima 200-S.

Allendorf (Eder) – "We create living spaces for generations to come:" Viessmann will show what the company means by climate-friendly heating and cooling when it demonstrates new product lines for efficient building cooling in Essen. The family business will introduce its new air conditioners to the industry from September 6 to 9, 2022, in Hall 3 (Stand A09 to A11). Additional innovative solutions for the sustainable supply of heat, electricity and fresh air will also be on view, such as the new electricity storage system Vitocharge VX3 in combination with photovoltaics and a wall box. Interesting short presentations, to be held every hour on the hour at the trade fair stand, will provide insight into current technical developments.

Vitoclima: Cooling, heating, dehumidifying and air conditioning in one unit

Even in our latitudes, the hot summers of recent years are prompting an increasing number of home owners and medium-sized businesses to consider buying air conditioners. Aside from the increased comfort they provide, customers primarily focus on the energy efficiency of the units. The new Vitoclima 300-S and Vitoclima 200-S single and multi-split air conditioners by Viessmann (cooling outputs 2.5 to 10.5 kW) have an energy efficiency label of up to A+++, which puts them at the highest level. In Vitoclima 300-S wall-mounted boilers, an ECO sensor measures light intensity and detects the presence of people in the room. It turns off automatically in the dark or when there are no people present. In addition, a dielectric particle filter (IFD filter) guarantees perfect air quality. Yet the air conditioners, which are operable by smartphone, can do even more: with heat output of up to 11.5 kilowatts and efficiency labels of up to A+++, they can just as easily be used for heating. Depending on the building and the customer’s requirements, an additional heating system is unnecessary – or the existing heating system can be left off more frequently.

New generation of heat pumps

The new generation of heat pumps by Viessmann will also be introduced for the first time in Essen. These include the "Vitocal 250-A" modernization heat pump and the "Vitocal 250-AH" hybrid heat pump. Both of these reach flow temperatures of up to 70°C and can also be used with radiators. A patented hydraulic system makes the work of specialist partners much easier since the new units can be installed and put into operation in a fraction of the usual time.

The new Vitocal 200-S and Vitocal 222-S split-design heat pumps were specially designed for new buildings. They are available as wall-mounted or floorstanding compact units with integrated DHW cylinders and achieve flow temperatures of up to 60°C. The units will be presented together with the new generation of the wibutler pro energy control and alarm panel, Viessmann’s powerful smart home solution.

CO2-neutral heating with biomass

In addition to modern heat pumps, biomass boilers are also a climate-neutral alternative to heating with oil and gas. The Vitoligno 300-C boilers for wood pellets (12 to 48 kW) and the Vitoligno 200-S (20 to 50 kW) and Vitoligno 150-S (17 to 45 kW) log boilers are now available in the color "Vitographite." Visitors to the trade fair stand can expect to see a sample system with a Vitoligno 300-C and the new Vitocell 320-M heating water buffer cylinder. The DHW generation is integrated in the buffer cylinder by means of corrugated stainless steel pipe, so there is no need for an additional DHW cylinder. With two connections for electric heating rods, hot water can be stored quickly during the non-heating period. The required electricity can be delivered by a photovoltaic system, for example.

Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system – now three-phase for more power

The Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system gives homeowners the option of storing electricity in an uncomplicated way so they can use it more efficiently – to operate a heat pump, for example. A new feature of this electricity storage system is the three-phase connection to a PV system with 9 and 12 kWp power for higher consumption of self-generated electricity. Depending on the connection type and parameterization, Vitocharge VX3 can be used as a hybrid electricity storage system with a new photovoltaic (PV) system, as an electricity storage system with an existing PV inverter or as a pure PV inverter.

Easier and faster: commissioning, maintenance and service

The new Vitocal heat pumps, the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system and other systems from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering are all based on the new Viessmann One Base. Similar to an interconnected ecosystem in nature, Viessmann One Base seamlessly connects products and systems with digital services such as the ViCare app and the ViGuide service tool. This makes commissioning, maintaining, servicing and monitoring energy systems much easier and faster. Trade partners not only save a lot of time – their customers also enjoy maximum comfort and energy efficiency as well as the safety of their systems.