Seamless Smart Home solutions with components from Busch-Jaeger, wibutler and Viessmann

New possibilities for the smart connection of electric devices with Viessmann’s energy systems | Cross-trade energy optimization | Holistic solutions

The image shows wibutler, the smart home solution from Viessmann.
wibutler is the smart home solution from Viessmann. Its particular strength is the manufacturer-independent platform for digital building services.

Allendorf (Eder) – Whether it’s lighting, blinds, heating systems or smoke detectors: The open-source IoT platform wibutler connects over 250 products from more than 30 manufacturers. With Busch-Jaeger, the market leader in the area of electronics, they are joined by another top brand. The connection of the successful Busch-free@home® smart home system to the wibutler platform creates new possibilities for linking electronic devices to Viessmann’s heating, ventilation and energy technology as part of a connected home.

Highest degree of energy efficiency, home comfort and safety

Viessmann’s mission is to create living spaces for generations to come. Digital technologies are indispensable in this mission, because only with them can we reach the highest degree of energy efficiency, home comfort and safety. Now, the combination of Busch-free@home®, wibutler and Viessmann energy systems offers a seamless solution that also meets the highest requirements of smart building services. 

Holistic solutions create more independence

In the case of heating controlled in accordance with requirements, cross-trade energy optimization at home can be achieved simply by connecting the Busch-Jaeger components to, for example, a Vitocal heat pump. Furthermore, the integration of a photovoltaic system with the hybrid electricity storage system Vitocharge VX3 enables the optimal bundling and management of power generation, storage and consumption. Such a holistic solution enables users to become more independent from the public grid and allows the cost-effective and efficient use of the self-generated electricity for different applications. Furthermore, Busch-free@home® may be upgraded with a Vitovent home ventilation system to comply with ventilation requirements in an energy-efficient manner. 

About Busch-Jaeger

Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH, an innovative market leader in the area of electrical installation technology, is one of the strongest brands in Germany. The company, which is owned by the ABB Group, employs around 1300 people in Lüdenscheid and Aue (Bad Berleburg). The company’s range encompasses roughly 6000 products: from complete electrical installations with switches, wall outlets, special plug and socket devices, dimmers and motion detectors all the way to door communication systems and electronic high-end products for building management systems in smart homes and smart buildings.

About Viessmann

We are Viessmann, a family business. Founded in 1917 as a heating technology manufacturer, today we are one of the world's leading providers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions.

Our integrated solution offering connects products and systems via digital platforms and services, creating an individualised feel-good climate for our users. All activities are driven by our company purpose, "We create living spaces for generations to come". This is the responsibility that we, the 12700 members of the Viessmann family, take on every day together with our (trade) partners.