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Save energy today with the ViCare app

Comfort & Savings function automatically lowers the heat when nobody is home | Data security is guaranteed | Smart radiator thermostats also conserve costly energy

Allendorf (Eder),  May 24, 2022 – If we want to stop climate change and break our dependence on expensive fossil fuels, we will have to switch from gas and oil to renewable energy. Plenty of proven solutions can ease this transition in the building heating sector. Even if you’re not in a position to install a heat pump or pellet boiler right now, you can still slash your heating bill with the smart solutions provided by the ViCare app.

Geofencing: Turning down the heat when nobody’s home

The heat doesn’t have to be on when nobody is at home. That’s why the ViCare app now has a geofencing feature within the new Comfort & Savings function. It recognizes when no one is at home and automatically turns down the heat. Once you have exceeded a user-defined distance from home on your way to work or a vacation, for example, the server sends a command to the heating controller to turn down the heat. When you return, the heat is turned back up using the same method so that your home is pleasantly warm again by the time you arrive. That unlocks huge energy savings without any extra effort or loss of comfort.

Try for free for one month

The ViCare app is a proven tool for end users to control their heating system on a smartphone or tablet and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). The energy savings from the Comfort & Savings function more than make up for the monthly or annual fee. You can try out the service for a month for free. The subscription is activated and managed using the Google Play Store (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS).

Compatible with many Viessmann boilers

Comfort & Savings is shown as a new tile in the ViCare app. Clicking the button tells you whether Comfort & Savings supports your heating system. Many Viessmann heat generators with (external or integrated) Vitoconnect modules and Vitotronic control systems already support the new service.

Guaranteed security for your data

The smartphone geofencing function is used solely for Comfort & Savings and guarantees complete data security. The user’s location is not identifiable for anyone. To ensure reliable operation, the service should be used by as many residents of the home as possible. Only then will the control system understand that people are still at home and automatically optimize the heating.

Smart radiator thermostats conserve costly energy

In addition to using the ViCare app, you can achieve even greater savings in houses as well as apartments by making just a small investment. Simply replace conventional radiator thermostats with the intelligent ViCare thermostats to comfortably control the temperature in individual rooms. The “Open window” feature recognizes if a window is open in the room and will then automatically reduce the amount of heat supplied to the radiator – preventing you from wasting expensive heat.

ViCare thermostats can be installed on any standard radiator in just a few simple steps. You can then fully control every radiator in your home via the ViCare app, even when you’re at the office or on vacation. Intelligent radiator thermostats let you set the desired temperature in every room where they are installed. The more radiators are equipped with ViCare radiator thermostats, the more control you have – and that translates into more energy savings and more comfort at home.

Attractively priced starter packages make it easy to get started with ViCare Smart Climate single room control system. All ViCare components communicate wirelessly with the internet interface, so rooms can be added at any time without having to run cables.

Make your home smart with ViCare and wibutler

The ViCare app also communicates through the wibutler smart home solution. The wibutler pro hub is a manufacturer-independent platform for digital building services. It connects over 300 devices from more than 35 manufacturers and thus makes extensive home automation possible.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Additional service business for connected systems
  • Simple permanent automatic flow balancing
  • Monitoring the heating system using ViGuide

Benefits for users

  • Cut costs by automatically lowering the heat
  • Only heat when someone is at home (geofencing)
  • Control your heating with considerable precision  


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The heat doesn’t have to be on when nobody is at home. The Comfort & Savings function in the Viessmann ViCare app recognizes when no one is at home and automatically turns down the heat.

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You can enhance the ViCare app’s savings effect with Viessmann’s intelligent ViCare thermostats – for example, with the “Open window” function, which automatically reduces the amount of heat supplied to the radiator as soon as a window is opened in the room.