Independent of the public electricity grid

Producing electricity yourself and thus being less dependent on the public grid and rising electricity prices: With the new PA2 natural gas-powered fuel cell module Vitovalor, this is now also possible without any problems in older detached houses and apartment blocks.

The picture shows the exchange of hydrogen and oxygen through a membrane.

The new fuel cell heater is the ideal addition to existing heating systems. The heater opens up a new field of business for the specialist partner, as it enables it to offer customers an innovation for generating electricity even after the heating system has already been modernized.

Covers most of the daily power requirement

The heater’s fuel cell has an electrical output of 750 watts. This generates up to 18 kilowatt hours of electricity per day, which covers most of the needs of a normal single-family home. But the Vitovalor PA2 is also suitable for supplying electricity to an apartment building.

When optimally integrated into the building’s energy system, the fuel cell generates up to 6 000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This means that less electricity has to be purchased from the power supplier. The user can therefore save up to 800 euros a year.

The heat generated during the fuel cell operation is used for heating or water heating and thus makes a cost-saving addition to the heating system. In addition, it is a good idea to install a hot water buffer tank, such as the Vitocell 100-E with a capacity of 600 to 950 liters, or the Vitocell 340-M with 400 to 950 liters.

Up to 11 100 euros support from the state

The German Development Loan Corporation (KfW) is supporting the installation of the fuel cell module with 9300 euros. Users who also receive the flat-rate payment for combined heat and power under the Act on Combined Heat and Power Generation (KWKG) receive an additional 1800 euros – a total financial boost of 11100 euros. If you have neither money nor time to waste, use the Viessmann FörderProfi (grant pro). The new service takes care of the application process, all the way up to the payment of the grant.

Convenient and easy operation

The fuel cell heater’s newly developed electronic platform has a seven inch color touch display for easy operation. Messages in plain text provide a simple dialog. The integrated energy manager is capable of learning and reacts to the personal needs of its users. This means, for example: it only switches the fuel cell on when, on the basis of the data collected beforehand, sufficiently long running times and therefore corresponding electricity production and own electricity use are expected.

Service packages guarantee long service life

The fuel cell in the Vitovalor PA2 has a long service life of at least 80 000 operating hours. This equals an operating period of around ten years. However, the module can run for up to 20 years if it is professionally maintained every five years. After maintenance, operation of the fuel cell is secured for another five years. Viessmann therefore offers a service package with a ten-year performance and function warranty.

Simple planning and installation

For planning and configuration of a Vitovalor system, specialist partners can use the Vitovalor Calculator in the new System Advisor. The System Advisor acts as a guide and enables a quick and safe system selection based on a few, individual input variables. Together with the Quotation Assistant, a software tool for configuration and quote preparation, individual packages can be created quickly and easily for each customer.

With a height of only 1600 millimeters, the new fuel cell module can even be installed in low rooms with a ceiling height of just 1800 millimeters. If a Vitodens gas condensing boiler with a heat output of up to 26 kilowatts is already installed in the building, the Vitovalor PA2 does not require its own flue gas system. If built after 2011, Vitodens and Vitovalor PA2 can be operated in a single flue gas cascade.

Advantages for market partners

  • Retrofittable for existing systems in single-family homes and apartment buildings
  • Ideal for high heating requirements
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Simple combination with hot water buffer tanks

Advantages for users

  • Retrofitting the existing heating system for own power generation
  • Less dependence on purchasing electricity from the public grid
  • Environmentally friendly – high carbon savings
  • Low maintenance costs due to long maintenance intervals (five years)
  • Service package over ten years ensures reliable operation
  • Grant of up to 11100 euros

Technical data

  • Output: 0.75 kWel, 1.1 kWth
  • Electrical efficiency: 37 %
  • Sound power: < 48 dB(A)
  • Energy efficiency class: A+++

Video: Fit for future

According to a recent survey, almost half of all German citizens can see themselves heating with hydrogen. This is because hydrogen burns in a CO2-neutral manner and therefore protects our planet. Viessmann's H2 ready gas condensing boilers can already efficiently convert up to 30 percent hydrogen content in natural gas into heat, thus making them fit for future.