Making maximum use of power you generate yourself and reducing the amount of expensive grid power you purchase as far as possible – the Viessmann GridBox increases your own power consumption by intelligently controlling power generation, storage, and consumption. As a central platform for linking the photovoltaic system, energy storage device, electrical heat generation, and the charging station for the electric vehicle, it optimizes the energy flows and ensures transparency. It is also the basis for achieving the German Development Loan Corporation’s (KfW) 40 Plus standard, with which you can receive a grant of up to 30000 euros per home.

Increase your own power consumption with new optimization features

With the new optimization features of the GridBox for the photovoltaic system, energy storage device, domestic water heating, and the Wallbox of an electric vehicle, you can now increase your own power consumption even further. You can also set priorities for the use of your self-produced photovoltaic power via the dashboard. For example, you can specify whether you want the solar power to first charge the energy storage device or the electric vehicle batteries. Rules for charging the vehicle can also be specified.

To avoid feeding surplus solar power into the public grid, the GridBox can also be used to operate a modulating heating element in the hot water tank. This means that any electricity not currently required is stored thermally for later use for bathing, showering, or cooking.

Fully electric heat generators always in view

The visualization of all power generators and consumers connected to the GridBox as well as the energy storage device and the Wallbox takes place via the Web-based dashboard. Here, the user gets a quick and compact overview of daily trends, weather forecasts, weekly reports, CO2 analysis, and saving tips. One new feature is the display of fully electric heat generators, such as Vitoplanar infrared heaters, in the individual rooms. 

New GridBox app for convenient monitoring on the move

All of the GridBox dashboard features are now also available via the new mobile app for Android and iOS smartphone. This means that power generation, storage, and consumption can be monitored and controlled conveniently while on the move. The GridBox app is available from May 2020 in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Easy installation

The GridBox is simply connected to the power and the router or a switch (network switch). After just a few minutes, it is set up and automatically scans the household for connected devices.

Advantages for market partners

  • Integrated system solutions from a single source with optimally coordinated components for power and heat
  • Online monitoring and optimization of the overall system consisting of photovoltaic system, energy storage device, Wallbox, heat pump or fuel cell heater (optional), and other consumers in the house

Advantages for users

  • Clear visualization of energy flows and optimization of Wallbox, energy storage device, photovoltaic system, and household consumption
  • Display of current performance values as well as degree of self-sufficiency and energy mix
  • Part of the Viessmann Energy Community
  • Optional connection and visualization of consumption or generation values from Viessmann heat pumps, fuel cell heaters, or electric direct heating systems
  • Quick identification of defective or faulty devices as well as potential savings
  • Detailed report feature with energy balances on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Reduced curtailment losses in the photovoltaic system
  • Basis for achieving the KfW 40 Plus grant
  • Web-based user interface for all Internet browsers and mobile apps
  • Online updates
  • Supports all types of inverter from the Viessmann product range