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ETHERMA news 2022 | Future-oriented and beautifully designed heating solutions of the highest quality for over 40 years | The Austrian company will present an absolute highlight in 2022 – the new ETHERMA EXO® premium infrared heater series

The image shows infrared radiator series ETHERMA EXO
The new premium infrared heater series ETHERMA EXO

ETHERMA EXO®: The new premium infrared heaters with industrial design

The new premium infrared heater series ETHERMA EXO combines all the advantages that ETHERMA has embodied for decades. The elegant and simple industrial design (in black or white) captures the spirit of modernity. In terms of technology, the high-quality heaters are equipped with the latest “Made in Austria” features and components. However, the series mostly stands out through its individual models for a wide variety of application areas. While the ETHERMA EXO® DARK premium dark heater is ideal for covered exterior areas such as pavilions and conservatories, the more accessible entry-level models ETHERMA EXO® BASIC and the ETHERMA EXO® PRO, ETHERMA EXO® COMFORT and ETHERMA EXO® STATIV variants were specially developed for outdoor use.

The premium infrared heater ETHERMA EXO® PRO performs impressively with innovative premium carbon pipes, offering maximum heat output (thanks to 2,000/2,500 W) with minimum residual light and, with 10,000 hours of burning time, an above-average life-span. Just like the ETHERMA EXO® DARK, the device is available with a three-level wireless dimmer.

Those who are looking for a compact solution – for example to attach to shades or awnings – will love the new ETHERMA EXO® COMFORT infrared heaters. The device, which is only 54 centimeters tall and weighs 2.4 kilograms, can be operated via remote control or through an integrated electrical multi-function switch. ETHERMA EXO® STATIV, the outdoor infrared heating system with pedestal and two integrated heaters, is suitable for all places without walls or ceilings and where the highest degree of flexibility is desired. Both ETHERMA EXO® COMFORT and ETHERMA EXO® STATIV are equipped with a handy timer and a short-heating function.

ETHERMA DUO PLUS: The modern alternative to outdated night-storage heaters

The days of bulky night-storage heaters are over – thanks to its frameless infinity design, the ETHERMA DUO PLUS convector storage heating system saves space and is visually appealing. The modern direct heating device also stands out technologically in three ways: The unique combination of conventional, radiation heat and thermal energy storage ensures enhanced performance while significantly improving operating costs.

ETHERMA e-FOIL: Perforable heating foil for walls and ceilings

Thanks to the extremely low installation height (0.4 mm) and perforated fleece, the new ETHERMA e-FOIL heating foil can be plastered and filled on walls and ceilings with little effort. The biggest advantage: the low voltage (24 V) in combination with the special quality of the perforable heating film, make it easy to hang frames or attach switches and thermostats to the heated walls. ETHERMA e-FOIL is available in two sizes.

Flexible & uncomplicated

The new, mobile LAVA® STAND infrared heating system enables targeted zone heating, can be used flexibly thanks to its handles and can be easily adjusted through its integrated control system. 

Progress in all areas of heating

Almost all ETHERMA product series and lines are constantly expanded and reinvented. In 2022, for example, the AQUA series will be enhanced with the hydraulically controlled AQUA WHM flow heater – ideal for use in sinks in particular. In the future, it will be possible to control the eTOUCH PRO switch mounting thermostat (which can also be found in the popular eFLOOR DS PRO and LM PRO flooring sets) via Wi-Fi. It can also be added to a circuit and features daily and weekly scheduling options. The thermostat can be paired with the new ETHERMA eTOUCH app (available on Google Play and in the App Store).

You can find further information on these new products online at Our experts would also be happy to personally answer your questions.

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