Viessmann is strengthening the internationalisation of its electrical business activities

With the foundation of PV+E-Systeme GmbH four years ago, Viessmann made a first big step. Now, the consistent further development of the electrical strategy takes place.

The picture shows a modern detached house with a photovoltaic system.
Viessmann is strengthening the internationalisation of its electrical business activities.

Allendorf/Eder – With the founding of PV+E-Systeme GmbH four years ago, Viessmann made its first major move to demonstrate its steadily growing involvement in the electrical industry. In addition, the steadily increasing use of electricity in buildings for heat generation and DHW heating directly contributes to Viessmann's mission statement of creating living spaces for generations to come. As the importance of this business sector continues to grow, the next logical step will be taken on 01.01.2021. Viessmann is strengthening the internationalisation of its electrical business activities.

Better interaction between business units and international expansion

As a provider of climate solutions, the internationally active family-owned company established a completely new service and product portfolio in the field of electrical systems in the PV+E Systems division. Strategic investments and acquisitions of specialist manufacturers in this sector accompanied this development. For example, at the turn of 2019/2020, Viessmann took over the Polish company Kospel, a manufacturer of instantaneous water heaters, DHW cylinders and electric boilers. A year earlier, the company had already acquired shares in Etherma, an Austrian manufacturer of direct and infrared electric heating systems.

The range of electricity-based systems now includes complete solutions, for example from photovoltaic systems or fuel cell heating appliances, possibly combined with electricity storage systems, heat pumps and electric hot water and heating systems. These solutions are complemented by energy management systems (EMS) and the ViShare Energy Community. Numerous planning tools, such as the system consultant for rapid system selection and the e-planner for the design of electric underfloor heating systems, support specialist partners in the implementation of their projects.

The further systematic implementation of the electrical strategy has two objectives. Following the integration of sales at the start of 2020 for the German market, the entire PV+E Systems business unit will be fully integrated into the Climate Solutions SE area. This will enable even better interaction between the business units as well as even greater expansion of business activities in international markets. This also applies to the Planning Department and Product Development. This will also make Services, Sales and Field Sales more effective. All in all, Viessmann customers will benefit as a result too.

Viessmann actively responds to developments in the energy market and the evolving needs of consumers. Greater independence from external supply, the lowest possible energy costs and a high level of future security in generating electricity and heat: these are issues that concern many property owners.

"We will continue to expand the range of electricity-based systems in our integrated Viessmann Solution Offering portfolio", says Co-CEO Max Viessmann. "Our Managing Director Karlheinz Reitze, who has played a key role in the successful development of the business division since the beginning of 2017, will continue to accompany the developments as Senior Advisor with his extensive knowledge and decades of experience. I would like to express my sincere thanks to him for his extraordinarily valuable commitment. At the same time, he is fulfilling his personal wish to withdraw somewhat from the purely operational side of the business".

Karlheinz Reitze remains on the board of the wibutler alliance. As is well known, Reitze will continue to represent Viessmann in a leading position in important industry associations such as ZVEI and HEA. In addition, he will remain involved in the further development of Viessmann's electrical business activities as a senior advisor.