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People development at Viessmann is built upon trust and diversity

Viessmann is a global family with 12750 members. As is customary in our family, we value the talents of each and every member and encourage their development. However, we also expect each individual to take responsibility for their own progress. We use modern talent management tools and networks for this.

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Digitalization and the energy transition are the big challenges facing our industry. Viessmann wants to lead the way in both, but we can only do that with committed, motivated, and well-trained employees. We want to take every Viessmann family member along with us on this journey and empower them to work on creating living spaces for generations to come. Every employee receives the support they need to develop accordingly, however, we also expect everyone to be proactive about this.

The employee development tool ViGrow

ViGrow rethinks talent development and skills management – from the perspective of all Viessmann employees. The personnel development tool offers intelligent, data-based solutions for employee development and strategic personnel planning. Individual career planning and the allocation of skills at the team, department, and company level are its main areas of focus. ViGrow should equally benefit all employees, managers, and the company’s fundamental strategic objectives. 

The ViGrow system is based on comparing (matching) employee skills profiles with job requirement profiles: it gives every Viessmann family member the opportunity to compare their individual skills profile with the positions available in the company and thus plan their career for the long term.

ViGrow establishes a structured culture of qualitative feedback

ViGrow is a module-based system. Its two core modules are the Job Profiler and My Profile. The first is used to collect information on all existing positions in the company and the latter to record the individual skills profiles of all employees. My Profile populates data on the skills, which are carefully included and reviewed in the Feedback module. Managers are also simultaneously provided with an intuitive and meaningful guide for constructing their employee feedback. ViGrow thus helps create a direct and open but well-structured and qualitative culture of feedback. The Career Planner module is available to every Viessmann family member so they can plan their own career based on their skills profile. They can also match their own skills to the requirements profile for their own job and for all other vacancies within the company. 

These core modules are complemented by many other modules to aid personal development and strategic personnel planning: the Mentoring module lets you find the perfect mentor based on our own learning objectives or offer your own skills to pass onto others. The Job Rotation module allows employees at home and abroad to shift between multiple jobs for a specific period. My Team enables management to make use of their personnel in a targeted, simple, and sustainable manner. And the Training module collects tailor-made suggestions for individual further development.

ViGrow provides access to information

ViGrow creates a unique level of transparency for employees and offers access to information about all job profiles available in the company. Managers are given an overview of the skills available in their team and can use ViGrow to conduct a targeted search for the talents they need, both within the Viessmann talent pool and outside the organization. Fundamental training requirements, decisive challenges in long-term personnel planning, employee development, and the acquisition of skilled workers can be identified on a company-wide level. ViGrow provides a basis for making decisions to actively shape the future of work.

The Women’s Influence Network WIN

 The Women’s Influence Network WIN is Viessmann’s first network for women. It’s mission is to positively influence a cultural transformation in the Viessmann Group, promote the sharing of experiences on a global level, and support the personal and professional development of women. What began as a women’s network has progressively evolved into a global network for all members of the large Viessmann family. More than 130 women and men in twelve countries have joined the network since it was established. WIN is thus the first global network at Viessmann. The members of WIN believe that diversity makes each team and every single member more creative and successful, and that versatile teams produce much more valuable results that benefit the Viessmann Group.

Since the network was founded by women in a male-dominated sector, two of the most important goals are still the equality and advancement of women. Yet diversity means so much more. People of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and worldviews, people with and without disabilities, people with and without children, the young and old, persons with different sexual orientations, both women and men, are represented and welcome in the network. All WIN’s activities and initiatives seek to incorporate the concerns of the entire Viessmann family, both within and beyond Germany.

The network’s work is also multifaceted. Network meetings are held on a regular basis, and there are also events featuring guest speakers, an online community, and a mentoring program. Employees can also easily access information from the WIN network via the in-house app Vi2Go. In addition to members sharing experiences, the network initiates and supports a number of events, workshops, and projects, such as the organization of childcare during vacation times but also the social campaign project “women master in men job”.
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