For generations to come

We create living spaces for generations to come.

105 years ago, Johann Viessmann founded a company that has become one of the world’s leading providers of climate and energy solutions, and has grown into a family with more than 13000 members.

We create living spaces for generations to come.

Max Viessmann // CEO

Connecting heritage and future

Over the past 100 years, change has been our constant companion. Looking back at the key milestones in the Viessmann family history, it becomes clear that enthusiasm for innovation is embedded in our DNA.

How it all began: Johann Viessmann opens up a locksmith business


The 2nd generation: Dr. Hans Viessmann

The image shows Prof. Martin Viessmann and Hans Viessmann.

The 3rd generation: Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann

 The image shows Max and Prof. Martin Viessmann.

The 4th generation: Max Viessmann

Thinking in bigger terms than we had ever dared to imagine

The image shows man in front of a waterfall.

At home throughout the world, but firmly rooted in our native soil. In our case, that’s no contradiction!

Commitment to environment and society

Sustainability – maintaining a harmonious balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility – has always been a topic of great significance to us.

"During the Corona pandemic, we donated 100,000 euros to schools in the district in the form of laptops and iPads. In this way, Viessmann is helping to improve school equipment for the time after the Corona crisis and is creating virtual learning spaces for current and future generations of students," says Katharina Viessmann.


Commitment to environment and society


€100000 for schools in our headquarters district

Giving something back in Great Britain

The image shows a person in a kayak on a waterfall.

Viessmann Family Holding — Safeguarding the company’s future

We think in terms of generations, not quarters. To ensure Viessmann can remain operative for many years to come, in the 104rd year of our existence we have set a new course for the future and optimized our corporate structure.
The image shows the forecourt in Allendorf (Eder).

In the 104rd year of this family-owned company, we have laid the structural foundation for generations to come by means of the new Viessmann Family Holding – augmenting our Integrated Solutions Offering as a second pillar of future success.

The Viessmann Family Holding’s Executive Council is headed by its president, Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann. Katharina Viessmann in her role as Executive Council as well as Prof. Dr. Thomas Rödder (Flick Gocke Schaumburg) and Dr. Albert Christmann (Dr. Oetker) are also part of the body as “non-executive” members. Operationally, the Family Holding will continue to be managed by CEO Maximilian Viessmann and CFO Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann.

This is how we are forging a seamless link between our heritage and our future. Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann: “As a family business, we stand for trust and reliability. For us, the focus is not on the next quarterly report, but on ensuring the continuation of the business into the generation to come. This is only possible through profitability, further growth and financial independence. Through the Family Holding, we have created the ideal foundations for attaining these objectives.” 

Core Business — Business Areas

The image shows a Viessmann employee performing welding work on the Vitomax.

Climate solutions

Refrigeration solutions

Viessmann Invest

The graphic shows the organizational structure at Viessmann.


The image shows Maschinenraum.
Diversification Business Areas


Viessmann Real Estate


The image shows a forest aisle.

Viessmann Foundations

Viessmann Allendorf Foundation

Hans Viessmann Technologie Foundation

Dr. Hans Viessmann Foundation

Viessmann provides solutions for entire living spaces

Viessmann is evolving from a heating manufacturer to a solutions provider for entire living spaces – both inside and outside of buildings.

Playing a central role in this process is the new “Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering” that uses connectivity and platforms to seamlessly combine products and systems with digital services and value-added services. It unites our origins and our future within a clear structure.

Expansion of the solutions portfolio

Numerous smart people will be helping us to add new solutions to our portfolio. This includes our users of course. After all, there are few better qualified co-developers than those who will be using the solution themselves later on. Our installer partners, who are becoming more and more involved in the development of new products, will also be giving us valuable assistance.


Value Added Services





As a company, we are always close to our partners, no matter where they’re located. Our innovative climate-friendly products can be found throughout the world as well.

The image shows the Leica administration building.
Administration Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar: Large brine/water heat pump, Vitobloc 200 combined heat and power unit, Vitocrossal 200 gas condensing boiler
The image shows a tent in the mountains.

This is where we create living spaces for future generations

Our Viessmann family has over 13000 members spread across the globe. Working together, we recently generated a turnover of €2.65 billion, half of which was achieved abroad.


At home across the globe

Ideally equipped: sales branches around the world

Every day, our aim is to improve on yesterday: the Viessmann Academy

Our innovation center: the Viessmann Technikum

The image shows Angela Merkel with Viessmann family.

How much do we want to do today for the generations of tomorrow? How can we maintain and create living spaces for our children and grandchildren? For us, reaching the climate targets is a question of responsibility.


The right balance between renewable energies and maximum efficiency

Climate protection is a matter of will

The image shows the company values at Viessmann - team-oriented, responsible, entrepreneurial.