Viessmann Investment

We tap into growth potential

Timo Tauber

We build up our portfolio companies

We target family-run companies within the global heating, cooling, and ventilation market for our acquisitions. Our target markets are in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. We invest in companies with a very flexible mandate. Depending on the situation, we can have a long-term involvement in companies either through minority or majority shareholdings.

Viessmann Investment offers medium-sized companies a professional framework in which to grow together. After being invested in, the companies continue to operate independently and can thus hold onto their success factors, such as their specific corporate culture, brand, and management. We also support our portfolio companies actively, and build them up in a targeted way by using Viessmann’s expertise in purchasing, production, and sales.

Our newly established Investment business area has been active since 2019. Led by Managing Director Timo Tauber, it is made up of a Deal team and an Operations team. The Deal team searches for and identifies strategic investments to then close on. It also provides transaction services to other business areas. The Operations team works on behalf of the shareholders and is dedicated to the operational management of the portfolio companies.