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Heat, energy, ventilation – Today, Viessmann offers all the energy sources and technologies for a comfortable and energy-efficient home. From classic combustion technology and combined heat and power generation to the use of solar energy. Find all our top products in the following overview. By the way: In view of digitalisation and the energy transition, which are also a challenge for Viessmann, we have subjected our company to a comprehensive strategic reorientation. Viessmann has evolved from a pure heating technology manufacturer to a solution provider for the entire living space. The seamless connection between our products and our Digital Services & Value Added Services is a decisive factor in this.

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Our gas heating systems

Whether compact gas condensing boilers, floor-standing appliances or central heating boilers for high heat requirements. The Viessmann gas boiler line-up meets every demand for efficient and economical gas heating. Our products are renowned for their extremely compact design and highly efficient operation using condensing technology.

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In the gas condensing boiler sector, our Vitodens and Vitocrossal product ranges offer safety, efficiency and reliability

In the area of our low-temperature gas-fired boilers, our Vitoplex and Vitorond product ranges ensure an economical supply of heat using natural gas.

Our heat pumps

The Viessmann Vitocal product range can not only heat, but also cool and supply the building with hot water. However, unlike other heating systems, there is no need to burn fuel such as oil or gas. Instead, Vitocal uses free energy directly from the environment: from ambient air, from groundwater or from the ground.

More about the Vitocal product range

Vitocal heat pumps can also be combined with a photovoltaic system. The self-generated electricity serves to drive the heat pump. This not only saves resources, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

In principle, Viessmann Vitocal heat pumps can be differentiated as follows:

  • Air/water heat pump
  • Brine/water heat pump
  • Split heat pump
  • Hot water heat pump
  • Large heat pump

With our Vitofrical ice storage system, we also offer an ice storage tank with solar air absorber for brine/water heat pumps from 6 to 17 kW in a complete package.

Our fuel cell heating systems

The principle of combined heat and power generation forms the basis for the so-called micro-CHP - the fuel cell. At Viessmann, this technology can be found under the Vitovalor product range. The product range currently includes the Vitovalor PA2 and Vitovalor PT2 models, which replaced the Vitovalor 300-P.

More about the Vitovalor product range

What they all have in common is their special mode of operation. In addition to electricity, the fuel cell also generates heat, which in turn can be used for heating and DHW heating. The Vitovalor products are particularly suitable for use in detached and semi-detached houses.

Reliability and durability are top priorities for Viessmann innovations. Viessmann also relies on proven technology for the new fuel cell heating appliance. This is why Vitovalor PT2 (formerly Vitovalor 300-P) was developed in cooperation with Panasonic. The fuel cell module of Vitovalor PT2 comes from Panasonic. More than 34 000 units have been mass-produced by Panasonic for the Japanese market.

Our water heaters

Viessmann Vitocell DHW heaters meet the demand for domestic hot water (DHW) in the various households in every respect. They meet even the most sophisticated demands on equipment and can be combined with various heat sources - whether condensing boiler, heat pump or solid fuel boiler.

More about our water heaters

Our Vitotrans 353 fresh water module offers an alternative. Fresh water modules provide convenient and hygienic DHW heating based on the instantaneous water heater principle. In contrast to conventional DHW cylinders, the foodstuff water is not used to store energy, but is heated only when required by means of a powerful plate heat exchanger.

Our oil heating systems

Those who opt for heating with oil rely on proven technology. With our oil condensing boilers, homeowners also contribute to the conservation of resources and energy. Because with an unbeatably high efficiency the assigned fuel oil is converted up to 98 per cent into warmth.

More about our oil heating system

This way, our devices ensure an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly supply of heating and hot water. Examples are our Vitoladens and Vitorondens product ranges.

Our photovoltaic modules

The core of a photovoltaic, or in short PV system, are the photovoltaic modules. They consist of a multitude of solar cells. In each individual cell, the so-called photoelectric effect takes place, which converts sunlight into electrical energy.

More about our photovoltaic modules

Our Vitovolt product range convinces with high performance values and uncompromising quality. The Viessmann photovoltaic modules are suitable for use in detached houses and apartment buildings. They are designed for decades of operation, which is backed up by the performance guarantee of up to 25 years. Thanks to their simple operating principle, our photovoltaic systems work absolutely reliably.

Our power storage systems

With a Viessmann photovoltaic system, enough electricity can be generated to supply a family of four for a whole year. The problem here is that the system primarily provides electrical energy when most of the residents are not at home, at lunchtime, for example. If the connected appliances cannot use all the electricity, it is fed into the public grid.

More about our power storage systems

In order to be able to consume the electricity it generates itself, Viessmann has launched the Vitocharge VX3 photovoltaic storage system. This power storage cylinder stores the electricity generated during the day and makes it available as required.

The Viessmann GridBox is the ideal addition to system packages comprising photovoltaic systems and power storage and ensures transparency of energy flows in the house. It is the central link between the power-based components.

Our solar thermal systems

A solar thermal system makes it possible to use free solar energy and thus reduce monthly energy costs. Additionally, the installation of a solar thermal system reduces the CO₂ output, thus stands for responsible acting towards the environment.

More about our solar thermal systems

Due to the investment into such a system, the value of the real estate increases, too. The solar thermal system also fits superbly as an addition to your heating system.

In order to be able to use solar energy, collectors are needed to capture the sunrays. Viessmann Vitosol has developed tube and flat-plate collectors for this purpose. They capture the rays and convert them into usable heat

Our combined heat and power units

A combined heat and power unit (CHP) works extremely environmentally friendly: Besides primary energy savings of up to 36 percent, CO₂ emissions are significantly lower than with conventional generation of electricity and heat.

More about our combined heat and power units

A special gas combustion engine, which is designed for high mileage, drives the generator to produce electricity. With its performance it is designed for residential and commercial buildings. On the heat side, the combined heat and power unit is operated in parallel to a boiler. Both heat generators are connected to the heating system for heating up heating and drinking water.

With more than 25 years of experience in this product area, Viessmann offers efficient gas-fired systems for cogeneration of heat and power. In addition to standard products such as the Vitobloc product range, Viessmann also manufactures CHP units that are specially tailored to customer requirements.

Our solid fuel boilers

Viessmann offers wood-fired boilers and pellet boilers with modern heating technology that meets current requirements and individual heating demands - the Vitoligno product range. Heating with wood has a long tradition. But unlike in the past, there is now more than just the stove that is manually fed with logs. Today, central heating systems work with wood and no longer just provide heat in the rooms, but also hot water.

More about our solid fuel boilers

Wood as a domestic and renewable fuel convinces not only by saving resources, but also by low costs, which are not subject to large price fluctuations. Our wood-fired boilers also have a high efficiency and are economical in consumption.

Our panel heating systems

Infrared heaters, rapid heaters and wall convectors - electric wall heaters from Viessmann offer a wide range of applications: For example in the bathroom during the transition period, when it is not yet worth it to turn on the heating. Or in the winter garden, in the garage or in the cellar, which is often used as a hobby workshop.

More about Vitoplanar product range

Our Vitoplanar product range offers all these options as an electric panel heating systsem. Regardless of their design, the systems are always efficient and safe. This includes the constantly high radiation effect, two temperature limiters for best safety, highly insulated rear sides for maximum radiation, maintenance and magnetic field-free technology and last but not least flexible installation options.

Viessmann range of accessories

The thermal equipment of a building includes not only an efficient heating system for perfect functioning but also reliable system components: With the Vitoset range of accessories, Viessmann offers all the necessary parts from a single source, which are perfectly matched ex works. This simplifies installation and also ensures high operational reliability.

More about Viessmann range of accessories

The range of accessories includes products from the areas of radiators, underfloor heating, fuel oil tanks and DHW softeners.

Our home ventilation systems

High air quality means high living comfort. It also increases physical and mental performance. If the air in a room is rich in oxygen, the quality of life increases. But it is not only the oxygen content that determines the air quality. In fact, odorous and harmful substances as well as increased humidity have a negative effect.

More about our home ventilation systems

In old, rather less well insulated buildings there is a constant air exchange through cracks and slits in doors or windows. Nowadays, due to new construction and insulation materials, this natural air exchange can no longer be guaranteed. The solution: home ventilation systems. This is where the Vitovent product range for centralised and decentralised ventilation comes i

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