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Our apps and value added services at a glance

Viessmann Apps & Value Added Services

How do we ensure the seamless connection of our products, apps and services?

Digitalisation and the energy transition are a challenge even for Viessmann. At the same time, they are the greatest opportunities in our more than 100 year company history. Together with our partners, we will take on the challenge – that much is certain. We have therefore subjected our company to a comprehensive strategic realignment. From a pure heating technology manufacturer, Viessmann has changed into a solution provider for the entire living space inside as well as outside the building.

The decisive factor in this is the integrated Viessmann solution offering, which seamlessly combines our products, digital services and all additional services. It unites the origins and future of Viessmann, providing a clear structure.

The picture shows heat sources that can be retrofitted with Vitoconnect.

Connectivity and Platforms

Products and Systems are our origin. But it is connectivity that will significantly change their use and further development in upcoming years. Every Viessmann appliance will be upgradeable and will therefore be able to adapt to the needs of the occupants more and more effectively over the course of its service life, setting new standards in comfort and climate protection.

The prerequisite for this is an internet connection. In our integrated solution offering, this is made possible by the proper platforms and connectivity. In addition to the Vitoconnect and Vitocontrol control panels, these also include the Viessmann One Base and wibutler platform services. Viessmann One Base links all Viessmann solutions into a digital ecosystem. Wibutler speaks all common radio standards in the house and thus connects not only Viessmann appliances with each other, but also all additional smart home products.

The picture shows the Viessmann Vitocharge VX3 power storage system in a domestic environment.

Viessmann One Base: Everything in one platform

With Viessmann One Base, users operate their entire energy system via the ViCare app - simply, reliably and quickly. The platform connects Viessmann appliances and electronic applications to form a single climate and energy solution.

This climate and energy solution can be easily expanded at any time - for example, by adding a new wallbox for charging an e-car. Or should electricity and heat be used even more sustainably and become part of the ViShare Energy Community? Viessmann One Base is open for all additional digital services. Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be used to control the services and devices integrated in the platform.

The picture shows a Vitoconnect in modern Viessmann design.

Communication module Vitoconnect

Vitoconnect is the interface between boiler and app - the prerequisite for operating the heating system via smartphone and tablet as well as for remote maintenance of the system by the specialist via the ViGuide app. The Vitoconnect is connected directly via a cable to the Vitotronic control unit of the Viessmann heating system or to the Ecotronic control unit for wood boilers.

The picture shows the control panel on the Vitocal 200-G Pro.

Multivalent system control Vitocontrol

Vitocontrol is a powerful system controller with a graphical user interface. It displays all performance and consumption data of an energy system and can be individually adjusted. Vitocontrol 200-M is suitable for the operation of bi- and multivalent heating systems with up to four heat generators of different combinations of oil/gas boiler, CHP units and solid fuel boilers.

A man looks at the wibutler app on his smartphone

Cross-manufacturer smart home platform wibutler

wibutler is the operating system for an intelligent networking of living and living spaces. The radio control center wibutler pro supports several communication protocols simultaneously (e.g. EnOCean, ZigBee). The system connects more than 200 smart home devices of leading German brands. This cross-manufacturer connectivity of the devices enables an intelligent control of the entire home.

The picture shows a smartphone with ViCare App and a Vitodens Therme in the background

Digital Services – The Apps

Our digital services in the form of Viessmann apps complement the range of products and platforms. They support users with control systems, and our specialist partners with commissioning and servicing of the systems.

In particular, the Vitotrol App and the ViCare App enable every system user to conveniently set the ideal room climate via smartphone. Designed especially for the craftsman, there is the ViGuide for online support and the ViStart App for simple, fast and safe commissioning.

The photo shows the wall mounted Vitodens 200-W in a bathroom.

The ViCare App for easy operation of the heating

Our ViCare App offers you new possibilities for heating control via the Internet. The simple, graphical user interface makes the operation very intuitive. Basically, users can use the app to operate and control the heating system. It is designed to control up to three heating circuits and provides an overview of the current operating status. This provides security and makes everything easier to plan.

Furthermore, the ViCare App offers automated push messages with the current status description of the system. In this way, users know promptly whether there is a problem or everything is fine. The ViCare App also offers a direct line to the heating engineer as soon as a message about the heating system is available.

The picture shows the ViCare app on a smartphone

The Vitotrol app for heating control

The Viessmann Vitotrol App enables the operation of Viessmann heating systems equipped with a Vitotronic control unit. It means simple, intuitive and convenient operation from anywhere and at any time. In addition to the operating functions, the Vitotrol App has general and context-related help functions.

For operation via app, the systems with Vitotronic control unit must be supplemented with the Vitocom 100 LAN1 Internet interface and connected to the in-house DSL router. Registration on the Viessmann Vitadata Server is also required. This can be carried out completely in-app.

The picture shows employees shaking hands.

ViGuide App for specialist partners: Digital customer service

ViGuide connects specialist partners with their customers quickly and conveniently. This means that online installations can be monitored remotely and problems can be dealt with immediately when they occur. As a web application, ViGuide can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and on any device, without the need for updates.

ViGuide makes order processing more efficient and improves customer service. All you need is a heating system with a connected gateway (Vitoconnect or new Viessmann electronic platform) and a customer using the ViCare Smartphone app. Since April 1st 2021 the ViStart App for commissioning of a new heating system has been integrated into the ViGuide App. 

The picture shows a young couple on the sofa.

Smart Home with Viessmann

Viessmann heating systems are also designed for use in a smart home. Many systems can be connected to the internet in just a few steps and converted to a digital heating system. Using a smartphone or tablet, users can operate their heating system intuitively and adjust the heating output to their heating requirements. Numerous modes, such as the assistance function with different switching times for each day or the on-the-go mode, help to reduce energy costs in the long term.

Viessmann's ViCare Smart Climate solutions are the latest generation of devices for convenient individual room control. The operation of ViCare Smart Climate thermostats or sensors is particularly easy. Once installed, all you need is the ViCare App to set the right temperature in every room.

The picture shows a laundry room with a Viessmann Vitodens from the 300 series.

The Viessmann value added services

In the meantime, we have developed a wide range of services that are successful on the market. Viessmann Wärme, for example, is our solution for everyone who wants to enjoy the highest level of heating comfort by renting and not having to buy in a traditional way. Another service offer is our digital FörderProfi. With its help, finding and applying for state funding programmes is child's play.

In the ViShare Energy Community, users can purchase inexpensive 100% green electricity. The contractual partner for the electricity tariffs here is Energy Market Solutions GmbH. The flat-rate tariffs simplify the interrelationships of a complex energy system, making it easier to invest in your own energy turnaround at home.

The image shows a glass full of coins with a plant on top.

State funding with 'FörderProfi'

State funding for new heating systems is extensive. For most consumers, it is hardly possible to keep track of all the possibilities simply due to time reasons. Bureaucratic hurdles can also be high, especially when just starting out. The new service from Viessmann, the FörderProfi, provides a remedy here. Behind it are experts and energy consultants who accompany homeowners and specialist tradesmen alike from application to payment, taking into account the most important government heating funding programmes.

The picture shows a mother and her daughter in a bathroom with Viessmann wall mounted appliance

Viessmann Wärme

Renting a heating system is an alternative to the classic boiler purchase. All parties involved benefit from the numerous advantages of so-called heat contracting.

Renting a heating system therefore means concluding a contract with your business partner. In the case of Viessmann Wärme, you enter into a contract with Viessmann. The duration of the contract depends on the type of heat output selected.

The image shows a meadow.

ViShare Energy Community

Whether electricity or heat, whether purchased or self-generated by means of a PV system, fuel cell or heat pump: as part of the ViShare Energy Community, users adapt the energy supply exactly to their individual needs – with 100% renewable energies. We calculate an offer in advance. This means full cost control and an overview of their savings, thanks to flexibly selectable tariffs. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Energy Market Solutions GmbH (EMS), a 100% subsidiary of Viessmann GmbH.

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ViBooks – Our online database

Another important service is our online database ViBooks. All important documents such as operating, service and assembly instructions are stored there as PDF files for download.

With these documents, our customers have all information about their heating system. In addition to important safety instructions, all relevant symbols and the most important programs are explained. Also included are detailed instructions for setting various operating programs and the heating circuits. In addition, there are recommendations and tips on how to save energy and, for many models, instructions on what to do if the heating does not run properly.