Towards a 1.5°C lifestyle with climony

climony – the new Impact Startup from the Viessmann Group

climony helps you to understand your personal impact on the climate, to reduce your emissions through concrete steps, and to balance the rest - all from one source and in one app.

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With climony, our company builder wattx launches a venture with the aim of bringing climate protection to the center of society

climony is a startup for the calculation, reduction, and compensation of CO₂ emissions. The goal is to counteract climate change and preserve habitats for future generations. This is supported by providing information, actions, and initiatives to reduce CO₂ emissions in private households. In the future, the startup will become the interface between society, companies, NGOs, and municipalities in the field of climate protection.

climony is developed and marketed by wattx - the company builder of the Viessmann Group. wattx was founded in 2015 by Max Viessmann to establish an digital innovation unit ndependent from the core business. The strategic focus of wattx is developing digital solutions that drive the sustainability transformation in Germany.

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climony combines the expertise of the German Mittelstand with the capabilities of a Berlin tech startup

By combining the expertise of leading providers of sustainable climate solutions such as the Viessmann Group and the skills of Berlin tech startups, a new alliance is created for climate protection throughout society. Together with partners from medium-sized businesses and the startup scene, climony evaluates and promotes the most effective climate protection measures. Often, even the most enthusiastic sustainability experts are overwhelmed to find concrete information on the CO₂ consumption of certain actions or products. climony aims to solve this problem by offering a motivating user experience with high-quality educational content about climate change as well as concrete reduction measures.

Identification and promotion of the most effective climate protection measures

In cooperation with Viessmann, climony aims to contribute to achieving the climate goal of net zero emissions by 2050 by focusing on immediate, pragmatic climate protection measures. CO₂ compensation is the fastest way to offset unavoidable emissions. Through various projects, such as reforestation or protection of forest areas, the purchase of CO₂ emission rights, or the promotion of energy-efficient technologies, the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere is reduced or avoided. Therefore climony has decided to offer the following projects.

Our projects

climony educates about the 20 percent of actions that cause 80 percent of our private CO2 emissions

But CO₂ offsetting alone will not stop climate change. In the long term, we must all significantly reduce our emissions. To achieve this, policymakers must define the framework, and companies must act ambitiously. However, each and every one of us can also change something about our current lifestyle.

climony follows the logic of the Pareto principle: 80 percent of our CO₂ emissions come from 20 percent of our daily activities. "We're not trying to sell you the third climate-neutral yoga mat, but rather inform you about cost-effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home, for example," says Simon Bail, co-founder of climony. With its ever-growing content, initiatives, and partner network, the company continuously identifies and promotes these measures to its users.

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