Our contribution: annual savings of 500 000 tons of CO2

Creating and preserving living spaces for generations to come – that is Viessmann’s guiding principle. By reducing the CO2 emissions of buildings – and thus of cities – the family company is making a measurable contribution to ensuring Earth remains a planet worth living on. In concrete terms, this means: modernization with Viessmann technology saves 500 000 tons of CO2 every year.

The picture shows a big city at night.

A large number at first glance. However, the global CO2 emissions of 37 billion tons per year show: there is still a huge amount to be done – in Germany, too. This is because to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius compared to the preindustrial era, CO2 emissions have to be reduced to practically zero from 2050.

The heating market offers the greatest lever for this. This is the largest energy consumer in Germany accounting for more than 30 percent – even ahead of industry and transport. This makes it all the more important to clear the enormous modernization backlog in this sector. After all, almost 70 percent of the more than 20 million heating systems in Germany are outdated and inefficient.

Leap in efficiency through heating system modernization

Replacing your outdated heating system with a modern fuel cell heating system, a heat pump, or a gas condensing boiler not only reduces energy consumption in your own household in the long term, but the associated leap in efficiency and the coupling of renewable energies also contribute to a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions.

In this way, one ton of CO2 can be saved per heating system each year. Converted to per capita emissions of the harmful gas, this means a reduction of more than ten percent. In this way, every homeowner can play an active part in the energy revolution.

Climate protection and energy saving made easy

In addition to the use of innovative heating systems, Viessmann’s integrated range of solutions offers further opportunities to make a personal contribution to climate protection and thus to preserving living spaces for generations to come – for instance, through the ViShare Energy Community, which makes private power producers less dependent on rising electricity prices, fossil fuels, and conventional energy suppliers, so they can play their own individual part in the energy revolution – an important step on the road towards saving the next 500 000 tons of CO2. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Digitale Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.

The image shows Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann and Moritz von Harling in the Viessmann poplar forest.

Sustainability at Viessmann

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