Balancing work and family life – this topic is constantly promoted and actively supported at Viessmann. At the heart of this is a family-friendly corporate culture. On the one hand, an increasing number of mothers with small children want to continue their professional development, and, on the other, more and more men want to play a greater role in family life. Organizing this and factoring in the needs of all family members is a real challenge in many cases. How this can work is therefore one of the crucial questions for the future.

The Viessmann Women’s Influence Network (WIN) tackles questions like these. Together with support from the municipality of Allendorf (Eder), employees are offered regular childcare for leisure time and vacations. In addition to the classic “vacation childcare”, which includes excursions, sports and outdoor games, crafts, and baking and cooking together, this year for the first time a summer camp was offered on Sylt.

WIN has set itself the goal of finding solutions that go beyond the minimum legal requirements and serve to improve the balance between work and family life. For this reason, in addition to regular children’s leisure activities, so-called “Lunch & Learn Meetings” are offered, where parents and parents-to-be have the chance to talk. In a casual atmosphere, various topics such as flexible working hours, mobile working, and much more are discussed.

There are also plans for a multifunctional parent and child room, equipped with diaper changing facilities, toys, resting facilities, and computer workstations, to give parents the chance to retreat to a place where they can still work.

All of these projects are implemented by employees and the company working together. Because Viessmann is convinced that families are the most important factor when it comes to the future of our society. This is the place where everyone can experience stability and community, and develop basic skills.

The image shows Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann and Moritz von Harling in the Viessmann poplar forest.

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