Vitocharge now compatible with wibutler

Independent power supply with Viessmann and wibutler

The picture shows the Viessmann Vitocharge VX3 power storage system in a domestic environment.

With the integration of the Viessmann hybrid electricity storage system Vitocharge VX3 in the wibutler system, power generation, storage and consumption are combined perfectly. The combined solution gives users more independence from expensive power supply companies, providing them with the comfortable use of energy-efficient, self-generated power for various applications.

During the last two decades, the price of electricity for private households has more than doubled. Nowhere in Europe do people pay more for electricity from their wall outlets than in Germany, and despite the cap stipulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), there is no turnaround in sight. The golden age for self-supporters has long since begun.

Optimal operation of all electric and thermoelectric systems

Viessmann and wibutler now provide an ideal all-in-one solution that allows users to become practically independent of expensive electricity suppliers. Starting immediately, the Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system is compatible with wibutler, enabling optimal operation of all electrical and thermoelectric energy systems in the building. This makes these two units the perfect addition to a photovoltaic system, a power-generating heating system or a solar power-operated heat pump. Moreover, the Vitocharge VX3 can be connected to numerous larger and smaller consumers via wibutler. Self-generated power is initially stored and then used for personal consumption.

Cost-efficient heat pump operation

There are quite distinct potential household applications for networking that have various advantages. In particular, consumers can generate the additional energy that is needed to operate a heat pump by producing as much as 25 percent of their own electricity, which can make a difference of several hundred euros a year. This makes operating a heat pump with Vitocharge and wibutler considerably more affordable and independent, even if the heat pump is already operated by a photovoltaic system. Ultimately, the stored electricity is still available even when the sun stops shining. Vitocharge and wibutler can also be used for the efficient operation of a completely electric direct heating device.
In addition, the stored electricity can be used flexibly, for personal consumption. High electric load consumers such as e-bikes or even electric cars can only be charged if enough personal electricity has been generated. One completely different potential application is the control of shade by means of the existing photovoltaic output. While the photovoltaic system on the roof achieves a respectable surplus, the interior of the building is automatically protected from overheating.

A single app for home automation

All devices in the house are joined together and can generally be controlled using the single wibutler app. This also includes visualization of the necessary device information. A histogram shows the current and past photovoltaic performance, charging status and surplus energy. Furthermore, the photovoltaic system status, the electricity storage system status, the total photovoltaic yield and the battery’s total discharge capacity are displayed. The app also sends error messages from the unit, or possible connection losses, directly to the user’s smartphone.

Vitocharge VX3: Modular, compact and versatile

Due to its modular design, the Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system is particularly suitable for all important applications in single- and two-family homes, and can be easily adapted to individual requirements. The integrated inverter makes it possible to add the electricity storage system to an existing photovoltaic system. Its space-saving design allows it to be installed on the floor or on the wall. In addition, up to three battery modules can be connected to the inverter if necessary, providing a maximum storage capacity of 12 kWh. Alternately, the Vitocharge VX3 can also be used solely as an inverter for the photovoltaic unit – that is, without batteries.