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Thanks to our RSS feed, you will be informed automatically as soon as a new news item is available. You can set up this free service with just a few clicks and stay up to date.

For this purpose we provide you with RSS feeds in XML format. You can subscribe to these with a feed reader such as the RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome. You will then receive a notification for each update on our site.

All feeds contain the titles, headlines and images of the most important news. If you are interested in a headline, a mouse click will take you directly to the news article.

The picture shows glasses on an open notebook, with the laptop in the background
With the RSS feed, subscribers always have enough news from the Viessmann Group to jot down

Subscribe to the Viessmann Family Newsroom RSS Feed – This is how it works:

  1. Install compatible RSS feed reader.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Viessmann Newsroom page to click on "RSS-Feed".
  3. Click "Subscribe" button.
  4. Manage the Viessmann Newsroom Feed using the feed reader and make appropriate settings if needed.

To subscribe to the Viessmann Newsroom RSS feed, click here.