Georg Hackl: Königsee luge run was my living room

Luge legend and olympic champion optimises domestic energy supply with Viessmann climate solutions: heat pump, photovoltaic system and battery storage

The image shows Georg Hackl standing on a footpath in his home town.
The luge legend Georg Hackl has not onl remained true to his home, the Berchtesgadener Land.

Allendorf/Eder – Winter sports sponsor Viessmann has started the 2020/2021 season with a new series of testimonials. Athletes such as Olympic biathlon champion Arnd Peiffer and luge legend Georg Hackl provide very personal insights into their private lives and their commitment to climate protection. Together with the family-owned company Viessmann, they want to "create liveable spaces for future generations" and in doing so take on responsibility themselves - make their own, individual contribution. In a very emotional video, Hackl tells us in the fourth part of the series what thoughts he has about his home - the Berchtesgadener Land - and climate change.

Finding the best solution together

Viessmann has supported the winner of multiple Olympic and world champion titles in solo and team events for more than 25 years. Not only as a sponsor, but also as a technical specialist, for instance with the high-quality steel for the runners of his lugers. For his own home, Hackl chose a sustainable, energy-saving heating solution: Geothermal collectors in his garden extract heat from the ground and use a heat pump to convert it into heat energy that makes his living room cosy and warm.

‘It still uses electricity.’ explains the Berchtesgadener, ‘But only a quarter of the power from fossil fuels we would otherwise use. There’s another amazing thing: I also have a photovoltaic system up on the roof.’ It generates solar power and feeds it to a power storage unit where it’s available whenever we need it. This means that Hackl can turn up the heating any time he likes without any CO2 emissions – as he says, ‘almost completely free-of-charge’, because he naturally no longer needs to buy any heating oil.

An optimistic view of the future

This environmentally friendly heating concept is by no means the end of the road for Schorsch Hackl’s commitment to climate protection. The legendary luger is also a forceful campaigner for the use of sustainable technologies such as biogas. Hackl believes that a switch to renewable energies is unavoidable – a must, but also an opportunity for everyone who embraces promising ideas at an early stage: ‘The sooner we make the change, the better it will be for our climate and our environment – and the better it will be for us all.’