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Sven Fischer -

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Four-time Olympic champion

Seven-time world champion

Two-time overall World Cup champion

Birthday: 4/16/1971

Profession: TV expert

Club: WSV Oberhof

Hobbies: Travel, photography, hunting

Role model: Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some people are better than I am, so many of them become a role model for me.

What´s important to me:

That we work together to actively create a peaceful environment with our family and friends.

We found Viessmann via the product and have also been dependable sports partners since the mid-90s. After all these years, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the friendly, family ties within the team.

Sven Fischer // Brand Ambassador


Sven got his start in biathlon at the age of twelve. After graduating from the Oberhof Sports School in 1989, he celebrated his first major success as GDR junior champion. He was highly successful in his first World Cup season 1992/93. He won his first sprint race after his World Cup debut in Kontiolahti. At his first World Cup in Borewez in 1993, he won gold and bronze with the relay team. In 1994, Sven won the gold medal with the relay team at the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. In 1995 and 1997, Sven again became world champion in relay, again winning the gold medal with the team at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano. At the following World Cups, Sven becomes world champion four more times, winning a total of 20 medals at World Cups during his career.  In 2006, at his last Olympic Winter Games in Turin, he secured his first individual Olympic title with a gold medal in sprint. He then also won the gold medal alongside the whole team. After the 2006/07 season, Sven ended his active biathlon career. Since then he has been a consultant and biathlon expert at the German broadcaster ZDF. In addition, he continues to be a brand ambassador for Viessmann.

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