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Roman Rees -

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Vice world champion

Fourth place at the Olympic Games

Six podium finishes in the World Cup

Birthday: 03/01/1993

Profession: Customs official

Club: SV Schauinsland

Hobbies: Economics studies, books, Netflix

Role model: Oliver Kahn, Hans-Werner Sinn

What's important to me:

Sports, family, climate crisis

I have enjoyed years of close cooperation with Viessmann, which has eased the burden of many of my relationships in sports and also warms my home. I am very appreciative of this wonderful overall package.

Roman Rees // Biathlete


At the age of seven, Roman begins parallel training in both cross-country skiing and biathlon with SV Schauinsland. In 2008 he wins the overall ranking of the DSV Schülercup and moves to the ski boarding school in Furtwangen. Three years later he gains his first international experience at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Liberec. Roman competes regularly in the IBU Cup beginning in 2017, the same year that he makes his first World Cup appearance in Finland and achieves a podium finish together with Laura Dahlmeier in the single mixed relay. At the 2019 World Cup in Östersund, Roman secures the silver medal with the German men’s relay team. In the 2019/20 season Roman has several starts in the World Cup. A year later he is a permanent member of the World Cup team and achieves his best individual result with a tenth place at the 2021 World Championships on the Pokljuka.

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