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Vice Junior World Champion

2x Top 5 at Junior World Championships

15th place Overall World Cup

Birthday: 06/19/2002

Profession: Armed forces athlete

Club: WSV Schmiedefeld

Hobbies: Paragliding, spending time with my cat

Role model: Eric Frenzel

What’s important to me:

Fairness in sports and to inspire younger athletes for my sport to keep the Nordic Combined alive, because I love this sport.

We may have been denied of our chance at the Olympics for the time being, but not of a strong partner. Thank you Viessmann!

Maria Gerboth // Nordic Combined


Maria dreams of taking part in the Olympic Games in her sport – Nordic combined. She takes up the sport at an early age and attends the sports boarding school in Oberhof so that she can train in the best possible way. Maria celebrates her international debut in 2016, and in 2019 competes in the Continental Cup for the first time. At the 2019 Junior World Championships in Lahti, she narrowly misses the podium in fourth place. Then, just a few days later, she takes her first podium finish in the Continental Cup with second place. In 2020, the Junior World Championships take place in Oberwiesenthal, Germany, and Maria wins the silver medal with the mixed team. In the following season, Maria celebrates her first World Cup start as well as her participation in the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf.

Biathlon relay with Viessmann sponsoring

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