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Laura Dahlmeier -

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2-time Olympic champion

7-time World champion

Overall World Cup champion

Birthday: 08/22/1993

Profession: Student, TV expert

Club: SC Partenkirchen

Hobbies: I enjoy nature while climbing, mountaineering, trail running, ski touring and cycling.

Role model:

I like to be inspired by different people in different fields, for example Magdalena Neuner in biathlon and Ueli Steck in mountaineering.

What's important to me:

Health! Because without health, everything is nothing and with health and creativity, nothing can be turned into everything. 

"My partnership with Viessmann is like a real rope team on the mountain: bound by the rope for the common goal, ready to put everything on the line. Together we go through thick and thin, share the success at the summit and try to optimise our paths, even when things don't go so well. I'm especially happy that we're still on the same path after my time as a biathlete and that we keep setting out new goals!"

Laura Dahlmeier // Brand ambassador


Early in her childhood, Laura became interested in skiing and especially in biathlon. In 2013 she wins three gold medals and one silver medal at the Junior World Championships in Obertilliach. Early on it becomes clear that Laura is an exceptional athlete, because shortly afterwards she can celebrate her first victory in a World Cup relay. In the 2014/15 season, Laura wins her first gold medal at a World Championship, which is by no means her last. In total, she wins gold 7 times, silver 3 times and bronze 5 times at the World Championships, making her the best German biathlete of all time. To crown an impressive career, Laura wins two gold medals and one bronze medal at the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang. In 2019, she ends her active biathlon career at the age of 25. After that, Laura works as a TV expert, among other things.

Biathlon relay with Viessmann sponsoring

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