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Karolin Horchler -

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Vice world champion

Three-time vice European champion

IBU Cup overall champion

Birthday: 5/9/1989

Profession: Armed forces athlete

Club: WSV Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Hobbies: Travel, barista

Role model: Ole Einar Björndalen

What’s important to me:

To live sustainably and deliberately

Viessmann is a reliable partner and has always supported me even in difficult times. I am delighted with the extension of my contract.

Karolin Horchler // Biathlete


At the age of twelve, Karolin enters biathlon sports, after already competing in cross-country skiing. In 2007, she takes part in international competitions for the first time and attracts attention at the Junior World Cup a year later with three top 15 results. Three years later, she gets her first appearance at the IBU Cup in Altenberg, where her run takes her straight to the podium. From 2014 on, Karolin competes in the World Cup many times. In 2018, she wins the overall ranking of the IBU Cup, which gives her a solid place in the World Cup in the 2018/19 season. In 2020, she becomes vice world champion in Antholz with the German women’s relay team.

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