Winter Sports Sponsoring

DSV Coaches and Support Staff

Our partnership with the German Ski Association encompasses our commitment to young talent and our collaboration with the teams of coaches and support staff in the disciplines of ski jumping, Nordic combined and cross-country skiing, which receive a wide range of support from Viessmann. In this way, we support the team behind the team, since coaches and support staff make a significant contribution to the athletes’ success. By taking on responsibility here too, we are pursuing a comprehensive approach to our sponsorship commitment. 

Coach and Support Staff – Men's Skijumping Team

Since the 2019/20 season Stefan Horngacher has been the national coach of the men's ski jumping team and thus responsible for the success of the entire team.

The image shows the team of men in ski jumping.

Coach and Support Staff – Women's Skijumping Team

The team of german female ski jumpers has also had reason to cheer in the past. Andreas Bauer has held the position of national coach since the 2011/12 winter season.

The image shows the ladies' team in ski jumping.

Coach and Support Staff – Nordic Combined

The team of trainers and coaches of the nordic combined discipline with national coach Hermann Weinbuch also belongs to the large Viessmann team. Together they have already celebrated many outstanding successes in recent years.

The image shows the Nordic combined team.

Coach and Support Staff – Cross Country Skiing

The team around national coach Peter Schlickenrieder and the German cross-country skiers stick together and support each other.

The image shows the cross-country skiing team.