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David Siegel -

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Two-time junior world champion

Two-time German champion

1 World Cup win

Birthday: 8/28/1996

Profession: Federal police officer

Club: SV Baiersbronn

Hobbies: Board games and game nights with friends, playing soccer and volleyball

Role model: My sports role model is Andreas Wellinger. Some people in our community are role models for me with regard to my faith in God.

What's important to me:

Having a living relationship with my faith in Jesus Christ. Studying the Bible and exchanging views with other Christians. Because this gives me direction, support, confidence and security, and it helps me to realize again and again that sports are not everything in life.

This is a very nice, generous partnership. It places great emphasis on trust and farsightedness. [...] I enjoy seeing how our partnership and connection are getting closer and stronger. [...]

David Siegel // Ski jumper


David discovers ski jumping at the age of five and starts training with SV Baiersbronn. 2014 marks his debut in the Continental Cup. In 2016 he wins gold in individual and team events at the Junior World Cup in Rasnov. This is followed by his World Cup debut at the New Year's ski jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where he finishes 16th. In the 2017/18 season David mainly competes in the Continental Cup but is able to jump in the World Cup again the following season. In 2019 he celebrates his first World Cup victory, and in the team jumping competition in Zakopane he lands at the top of the podium alongside the German team. In the following individual jump competition he is seriously injured and is not able to compete again until the summer of 2020.

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