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Constantin Schmid -

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8 medals at Junior World Championships

2 World Cup wins and one podium finish

Lead jersey at the Raw Air Tour

Birthday: 11/27/1999

Profession: Customs official

Club: WSV Oberaudorf

Hobbies: Sports in general (walking, cycling, hiking, etc., but especially water skiing); I like video games, both PC and console; films and series

Role model:

I don’t have a single role model per se. However, there are people in all areas who are more professional and experienced than I am. I try to get to be more like these people in those areas, whether it’s in personal development, dealing with the media, or sports.

What's important to me:

It’s important to me to have a stable environment and to know there are people I am important to and who are also important to me. Also good team spirit, and knowing that you always support each other. Besides, of course my sport is important to me, and I always do my best. But the most important thing is to always play fair!

Viessmann has been a very important partner for me since I was in the youth sector. [...] I also like what Viessmann stands for – in terms of both sports and sustainability.

Constantin Schmid // Ski jumper


Constantin is a competitor representing his home club WSV Oberaudorf. In 2016, he had his first appearance at the Continental Cup in Kuopio after competing in the DSV Student Cup and in the national junior squad. A year later he won three medals at the Junior World Cup in Park City. In the same year, he finished eighth at his first World Cup event in Neustadt. In 2019 Constantin graduated from high school at the Christopherusschulen in Berchtesgarden. The same year he celebrated his first World Cup victory in team jumping in Zakopane. In 2020 Constantin finished third at the World Cup in Rasnov, securing his first World Cup podium finish.

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