Winter Sports Sponsoring

Viessmann and winter sports: a passionate combination

Viessmann has been an active sponsor of winter sports for more than 20 years. Viessmann supports three disciplines, two international federations and more than 20 athletes as a reliable partner. Promoting young talent plays a special role for us here too.

Biathlon relay with Viessmann sponsoring

We believe that top products and high-performance sports go hand in hand. That’s why we made the decision to get involved in winter sports in 1993. Since then, our company has continued to develop and has climbed the rankings from the regional league to world class – as they would say in the sports world. Our passion for winter sports has continued to grow and has therefore become a significant part of our family company. Viessmann’s sponsoring activities have not only allowed it access to fans but also to their passion.

We support competitive athletes and nurture young talent

The passion for winter sports drives fans to attend an event and root for their heroes. It is this enthusiasm that inspires athletes to give their best. And it spurs Viessmann on to help up-and-coming athletes. Together, we ensure that this enthusiasm and passion for winter sports is passed down to the next generation. Viessmann encourages working with top sportsmen and young athletes in a variety of ways. For example, the German Ski Association’s rookie squad competes as the Viessmann Junior Team. We also support a large number of local sports clubs and the sports boarding schools in Winterberg and Willingen in the vital work they do. 

Fully committed at home too!

In addition to traditional sponsoring (for example also Formula E Sponsoring), Viessmann is launching numerous projects with the athletes to improve their carbon footprint and ensure that their heating is very energy efficient and keeps carbon emissions low.