Football Sponsoring

The Viessmann Family and football sponsorship

Sports sponsoring has a long tradition at Viessmann: the family business has been involved in winter sports for more than 25 years. Starting with the luge sport, Viessmann has become an integral part of most winter sports activities including ski jumping and biathlon. Since 2017, further commitments in the areas of Formula E and football have been added.

Image taken at a football match of FC Bayern

Viessmann and FC Bayern – successful line-up in Asia

Football connects and brings people together. As does warmth. Being one of the leading companies in the field of heating technology, football sponsorship was only a matter of time for Viessmann, since the company has also been passionately involved in winter sports sponsoring for many years. Viessmann and FC Bayern have been partnered up in Asia since 2018, building a strong team. Viessmann is Official Regional Partner of FC Bayern Munich for China (including Hong Kong) and Southeast Asia. Both are global players and work together for a sustainable use of resources. With this purpose in mind, various activities are planned at the numerous local football schools.

Sporty partnership lays foundation for long-term partnership

Jörg Wacker, Board Member for Internationalization and Strategy at FC Bayern München AG: “We are very pleased to welcome Viessmann as a regional partner in China to our partner family. Both FC Bayern and Viessmann stand for quality "made in Germany" and have a strong presence in Asia. The partnership is another building block in our long-term sustainable strategy for the Chinese market”.

"’We create living spaces for generations to come’ – this is our mission statement. With FC Bayern Munich, we have found the partner with whom we can implement this philosophy in China”, says Co-CEO Max Viessmann. As a family company with a history that spans more than 100 years, Viessmann sees itself as responsible for designing living spaces, maintaining them for generations to come.

The picture shows the Allianz Arena from the inside.
A long-term partnership between Viessmann China and FC Bayern Munich

Climate protection and football sponsorship going together

Max Viessmann adds: “In this partnership, we not only want to accompany and support young footballers in China from the very beginning, we also want to use educational work to ensure that the issue of sustainability is already on the agenda for the next generation. The focus of this cooperation is on providing information about improving air quality, responsible use of resources and promoting young talents.”

Rouven Kasper, Managing Director of FC Bayern Munich in China, added to the joint partnership: “With Viessmann, we were able to gain a partner that fits perfectly with our individual activation strategy for partners as well as with our unique market approach. We share our ambitions in the Chinese market and beyond and will work out common market advantages.”

Regional partnership expanded to Southeast Asia

Following the 2018 launch of the very successful cooperation for the Chinese market, Viessmann will in the future also be the official climate partner of FC Bayern Munich in Southeast Asia. With bringing the Viessmann brand now to Southeast Asia, we are building on this success story and we are excited to develop joint activities with FC Bayern München to convey our company's purpose of creating living spaces for generations to come in this growth region as well.

Thomas Heim, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSO) of Viessmann, explains, "The timing of the expansion of our partnership in the historic 'six-title year' further underlines the special nature of our partnership."

FC Bayern Munich has long been very active in Asia, including youth initiatives, fan events and institutional collaborations. In recent years, the professional team has also played several matches in China and Singapore.