Together, we can make it to a million

#ViMoveForClimate is back again: On October 31, we are starting the sixth round. Our goal: We want to reach the milestone of one million trees together with you by the end of 2021. Join us, and do something for your health and the environment!

Join #ViMoveForClimate now!

Planting 834703 trees is an incredible achievement – but there’s no reason to rest just yet. In the sixth round, we want to raise the total count to one million trees. Every kilometer walked, run, rode or swam and every minute spent on the treadmill, weight rack or training mat will be converted into trees, and Viessmann will plant saplings in the forest as soon as possible.

Climate conservation is our joint responsibility, and we welcome everyone who wants to support us. Track your activity and workouts in the ViMove app, and you will immediately see how many trees will be planted and how much CO2 will be offset. Share your results and nominate other participants to beat your record. You can also form teams and invite friends and family because not only can we accomplish anything with one another – it’s also more fun.

We want more!

We’ve already achieved so much with #ViMoveForClimate. Thanks to your support and your workouts in the first five rounds, we have planted more than 830000 seedlings in Cambodia, Peru and up to Sauerland. As they grow, the trees will aid the preservation and recovery of their ecosystems by protecting soil, balancing water management, preserving biodiversity and, of course, collecting CO2, among other things.


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We want to take on more responsibility by setting our goal at planting one million trees. That’s why Viessmann has purchased around 1700 hectares of land in northern Finland. Nearly a third of the area is covered with trees, while the rest is mostly a marsh. The area’s trees and marsh remove around 5200 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

All exercise counts

The principle of #ViMoveForClimate is simple: You do the exercise, and Viessmann will plant the trees as a reward. You can improve your health while making a contribution to climate conservation at the same time. To ensure that you can make the most of your exercise, there are almost 30 types of sports from which you can choose.

Below, you can see how we convert your exercise into tree units: For example, you can play 20 minutes of golf, cycle three kilometers, hike one kilometer or do twelve minutes of yoga for one tree.

The graphic shows an overview of ViMove activities.

The more, the merrier

Together, we can do great things. Encourage your friends and family to join and register in the ViMove app by sending them an invitation! You can create multiple teams: For example a team for your family, a team for your friends—whatever you want!

The top five participants who onboarded the highest number of​ new users will receive a 200€ voucher each to the Viessmann Selection Shop, where you can for example buy high-quality sporting goods. The best thing: You can start sending out invitations already now and until the ViMove campaign ends. Once you have finished sending out your invites, you only need to let us know whom you invited using this form. We will announce the winners on November 18.

The picture shows a hiker and a few sheep in nature
Recharge your batteries: Hiking clears your head—and for every kilometer you walk, we will donate a tree.

What we can achieve together

Trees are our partner in climate conservation: According to experts, trees absorb around one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere each year for every cubic meter of wood they grow. Trees also clean the air of pollutants and clear water with their root systems, which act like a filter.

We will be planting #ViMoveForClimate trees in the Viessmann forest in Finland. We ensure that the vegetation is suited for the location and matches the natural environment, and we will leave the marsh areas untouched, as they are also important as CO2 reservoirs. We will also manage the forest sustainably, meaning that we will only remove as much wood from the forest as will grow back in the same period. When the wood is processed and used in furniture or construction, harmful greenhouse gasses are stored permanently and kept out of the atmosphere.

The image shows a coniferous forest – ViMove.
The picture shows a woman jogging and a man downhill biking in the forest

Do good, and spread the word

Everyone can participate in #ViMoveForClimate. Join in and nominate friends and colleagues to follow your example. Share your progress and the trees that #ViMoveForClimate is bringing into the world.

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