You do the exercise – we plant the trees

From January 4, we are planting trees again for your athletic accomplishments with #ViMoveForClimate. Some good news: Everyone can join in and get active for climate conservation. Our shared goal? 300,000 trees.

The picture shows a hiker and a few sheep in nature

We did it! We have reached our goal of 300.000 trees.

In March we will start the next campaign with new challenges and app features. Until then, learn about the latest results and projects

See results and projects

5,000 people participated in #ViMoveForClimate over last summer and we planted 150,000 trees. It was an impressive accomplishment, and one that encourages us–and hopefully you–to do it again. Join us from January 4 for the climate! Let us know how many kilometers you have covered or how many minutes you exercised via the ViMove app.

Every kilometer and every minute counts

Viessmann stands for sustainable and environmentally-friendly climate solutions. With the #ViMoveForClimate reforestation project we offer another contribution—trees are our partner in climate conservation, after all. Over the course of its life, a tree absorbs large quantities of climate-damaging CO2 and converts it into oxygen.

The more you exercise, the more trees we donate. Track your activity and share your data with us using the ViMove app. You can also track your own achievements: How many trees we planted for your exercise, and how much CO2 you have offset.

The picture shows a hiker and a few sheep in nature
Recharge your batteries: Hiking clears your head—and for every kilometer you walk, we will donate a tree.
The picture shows a cyclist on a mountain road
Pure adrenaline: Get on your bike and enjoy the ride. For every three kilometers you ride, we will plant a tree.
The picture shows a woman at home doing Yoga
Take a deep breath: Yoga is good for your body and your soul—and for the climate. Every twelve minutes accounts for one new tree.
The picture shows a female swimmer in a swimming pool
In your element: Go for gold if swimming is your sport. With every 200 meters you swim, we will plant a new tree.
The picture shows a jogger in the forest
Fresh air: Running trains your heart, strengthens your immune system, and for every kilometer you cover, we will plant a tree.

From Crosstraining to Yoga

To include as many of your favorite activities, choose from 20 sports. You can find out how many kilometers you have to hike or how many minutes you have to ride your indoor bicycle for a tree in this overview:

The graphic shows for which activity of a sport a tree is planted.

Let’s go: Do your best and tell a friend

Climate conservation impacts us all: It’s why we are opening #ViMoveForClimate up to everyone who would like to participate, and why it’s crucial that you tell your family and your friends about #ViMoveForClimate personally, as well as on social media. Just share the joy you find in every mile you’ve traveled and, in turn, every tree we plant for your exercise.

What your exercise accomplishes

To make the most of #ViMoveForClimate, we work with a professional partner who selects reforestation projects that align with our purpose. In doing so, CHOOOSE also makes sure that the projects are integrated into local communities and also directly benefit the people.

The picture shows two people managing a tree nursery.
The trees are planted by hand with simple tools. Local farmers are trained in sustainable nursery management beforehand.
The picture shows a man harvesting mango.
The trees prevent erosion, enrich the soil with nutrients and provide locals with edible fruits. Farmers receive timber as well.

For the next 150,000 trees, we have selected two projects in Uganda and Kenya. Both are parts of the International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). Nearly 300 small groups with 2,000 members already participate. Nearly 1,000 project sites cover a total of 700 hectares.


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