ViMove for Climate - a project for future generations

Less CO2

Actively reducing CO2

It is precisely in these uncertain times, when climate problems seem to be fading into the background, that we are actively committed to reducing harmful CO2. This includes not only further optimising the quality of modern heating technology and thus saving up to 500000 tonnes of CO2 (in 2019), but also planting new trees.

The image shows the Chyulu Hills in Kenya.
Chyulu Hills, Kenya © Chooose
Climate protection

New trees to protect the climate

More than three trillion trees worldwide form the green lungs for our lives. Of these, 15 billion (0.5 percent of the tree population) disappear every year. One hectare of forest can filter an average of ten tonnes of CO2 from the air. To counteract this, we have launched ViMove for Climate and are making our contribution to reforestation.
The picture shows Max Viessmann up close

Co-CEO Max Viessmann:

I am immensely proud of the achievements of our family members and our partners, who have made a contribution for future generations worldwide.

Our results so far – 296751 kilometres and more than 5000 participants

After the first two successful campaign periods (June to August), ViMove can be considered a huge success, with the first phase already exceeding our expectations. The first 64419 trees already compensate for 5882 tons of CO2. In total, almost 300000 kilometers have been cycled or walked. We have thus circumnavigated the earth almost seven times. That makes 150000 trees. These will initially benefit reforestation projects in Uganda, Cambodia and Kenya. Local farmers receive the appropriate seeds and are responsible for the tree nurseries in the long term. The Norwegian start-up "Chooose" is supporting us in the coordination. More than 5000 family members from 36 countries have sweated to reach our goal, including relatives, friends, Viessmann trade partners and sportsmen.
Thomas Heim

CSO Thomas Heim:

We are all totally enthusiastic about our joint success. 150000 trees for the climate: We can be proud of that