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Trees are carbon sinks thanks to photosynthesis that permit the absorption of CO2 through the tree’s leaves. It then turns the carbon dioxide into sugar needed for it to grow. As it grows, the tree is able to lock away the CO2 in its branches and roots.*

The picture shows a woman jogging and a man downhill biking in the forest

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We have already passed the milestone of one million trees together with our global family of ViMove users. And this is only the beginning. Sign up already today, join our movement and we inform you about new campaigns to come. Together we can make an impact that matters​. 

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We’re launching our own reforestation projects

#ViMoveForClimate continues to evolve: After supporting various reforestation projects around the world, we are now taking on more responsibility by planting trees in our own forest, which will remove CO2 from the atmosphere in the coming decades. We start with this in Finland.

The image shows a forest with coniferous wood.





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The image shows trees of different sizes in a forest.

Our land – our responsibility

In July 2021, Viessmann purchased 1700 hectares of land in northern Finland. Almost three quarters of the area is covered in trees, with the remaining 28 percent mostly composed of marshes. By acquiring existing forest areas, we hope to preserve them as long-term CO2 and, if necessary, expand them as well. “This is the next step in line with our mission statement: We want to create living spaces for generations to come,” says Prof. Dr. Markus Pfuhl, Chief Representative of Viessmann. To improve the reforestation efforts, we are ensuring that the mix of tree species that we are planting are suitable for the local conditions in the forest, which is about the size of 3500 soccer fields in total.

For #ViMoveForClimate, we are replacing trees that have to be removed during regular forest maintenance measures or due to wind damage. We want to leave the marshlands untouched and manage the forest sustainably. As a result, the forest will remove CO2 from the atmosphere in the coming decades.

Experts calculate that trees absorb around ten kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere each year for every cubic meter of wood. Although marshlands cover only three percent of the earth’s surface, they store around 30 percent of the earth’s carbon. This means that 5200 tons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere every year due to our forest in Finland, including the marsh areas.

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#ViMoveForClimate has won Garmin Health Awards 2021 in the category "Most innovative solution in Engagement".

Exercise for the environment

We’ve already made a difference with #ViMoveForClimate: Together, we have pledged to plant one million trees around the world in various climate conservation projects. Viessmann converts every kilometer run or cycled, every minute on the weight racks or on the training mat into tree saplings to be planted. Participants can choose from almost 30 types of sports and track their progress with the ViMove app.













Trees for North Hesse

We are also committed to preserving the forests of Germany, including in our home state of North Hesse. Together with several groups, we are planting 15000 oak trees in the forest of Battenfeld, which belongs to the municipality of Allendorf (Eder), through #ViMoveForClimate.

The image shows a meadow in a forest.

Donating trees for sustainability

We are committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, which is why we selected CHOOOSE as a partner to support our donations in the past. CHOOOSE selected projects for us that aligned with at least three of these goals: Health, climate conservation and living on the land. These projects have a positive impact on the environment as well as social and economic development. The following projects have received donations of trees from Viessmann:

The picture shows a healthy coniferous forest from above

Impact that matters

With #ViMoveForClimate, you’re doing something good for both the climate and your health. Invite your friends, sign up today and we inform you about new campaigns.

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*Our methodology of calculating CO2 emissions that are removed from the atmosphere is based on the fact that a healthy tree – during an average lifetime of 100 years – removes ten kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere per year. In sum, that accounts one ton CO2 in 100 years. However, these are average values only: The younger a tree, the less CO2 it, of course, removes.