#ViMoveForClimate – a project for future generations


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The picture shows a woman jogging and a man downhill biking in the forest

On to the next round!

2020 saw the launch of #ViMoveForClimate, and the feedback was overwhelming and consistently positive. More than 6,700 people have already joined. It’s a success that inspires us to keep going: Take part in #ViMoveForClimate – ideally as a team during next campaign in autumn, because together we can plant more trees.

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Reforestation for a green future

The green lungs of our planet are made up of more than three trillion trees. In the course of a tree’s life, it absorbs large quantities of CO2 and slows down global warming. On average, each tree binds ten kilograms of CO2 each year. Yet every year, around 15 billion trees are cut down. With #ViMoveForClimate, we are doing our part by contributing to reforestation for future generations.

The image shows the Chyulu Hills in Kenya.
Chyulu Hills, Kenya © Chooose
The image shows a man with young trees to be planted as part of the ViMove campaign.

Creating valuable habitats

Why is it so important to plant trees? Trees clean the air that we breathe. Through their leaves and bark, they absorb pollutants and release fresh oxygen. In the process, they filter CO2 as well as harmful exhaust fumes and dust. Additionally, their broad root systems filter pollutants from our water. Trees provide us with wood, fruit and even medicine – aspirin comes from willow bark, for example.

Reforestation of land is an effective means of preventing landslides, flooding and erosion. Without the support of a tree’s root system, the rain simply washes away fertile soil. Fields can be destroyed, threatening the harvests and livelihoods of people in many countries. Reforestation also has an added social value: Planting and caring for trees can be an alternative source of income for local farmers.

At the same time, reforestation also creates a habitat for countless plants, animals and insects. 80% of all species live on and in trees, and trees serve to protect the biological diversity of our planet.

#ViMoveForClimate primarily supports reforestation in tropical regions. As plants grow quickly there and bind especially large volumes of CO2, reforestation in these regions is three times more effective than in other climates. In addition, the exploitation of the rainforests often impacts people in these regions.













The picture shows CEO Max Viessmann and CSO Thomas Heim

833,447 trees are being planted within #ViMove 

Viessmann family members, sport-loving relatives, friends and trade partners in almost 54 countries have already taken part in #ViMoveForClimate. They’re joined by the winter sports athletes who are sponsored by Viessmann, who took part with much enthusiasm.

In the first four rounds, a total of 6,700 participants covered more than 940,000 kilometers and logged more than 18,000 hours of activity. The most popular sports: Walking and hiking, as well as running and cycling. We converted every kilometer run, biked or swam, every minute on the treadmill, weight machine or training mat into tree units. As a result, we were able to plant 150,000 trees in the first two rounds of #ViMoveForClimate in 2020, with another 150,000 trees added in the third round in January 2021. More than 300,000 trees were added in the fourth round in April. Now, after the summer campaign, another 200,000 trees will be planted. Co-CEO Max Viessmann also joined in by cycling: “I’m incredibly proud of how our family members and partners have performed, and I’m already looking forward to the next round of #ViMoveForClimate.”

Following this success, we are extending #ViMoveForClimate further in 2021. Anyone can take part, whether they’re a member of the growing Viessmann family or not. With around 20 types of exercise to choose from, everyone can find a way to contribute. “It really is a great project,” says CSO Thomas Heim. “It’s fun, and we all benefit from it, as does the climate.” 

Donating trees for sustainability

We are committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals from the 2030 Agenda. To ensure that our donations are as effective as possible, our partner CHOOOSE selects projects that align with at least three of these goals. Each has a positive impact on social and environmental development. In this context, goals related to health, climate protection and life on land are particularly significant. The following projects have already received donations of trees from Viessmann:

The picture shows a healthy coniferous forest from above

You make moves – and let’s plant trees

With #ViMoveForClimate, you’re doing something for your health and for the environment. Log your exercise during the next campaign in autumn and share your achievements with us, Viessmann will honor your commitment and plant even more trees around the world. Invite friends to form a team with you, because we can achieve more together. With your support, the next round is sure to be a success.

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