#ViMove for Climate – a project for future generations

The image shows a graphic representation of runners and cyclists against a red background.

Our next goal: 300,000 trees

#ViMove for Climate began in the year 2020. Over 5,000 people participated in the summer, and the feedback was consistently and overwhelmingly positive. It’s this success that continues to encourage us: The next round runs from January 4. With #ViMove for Climate, everyone can take part – your sport is sure to be included.

Join in! Here is how.

Reforestation for climate conservation

Our planet’s green lungs are made up of more than three trillion trees worldwide. In the course of its life, each tree absorbs large amounts of harmful CO2, which reduces the CO2 content in the atmosphere and slows the rate of global warming. On average, a tree can absorb ten kilograms of CO2 each year, yet around 15 billion trees are cut down every year. With #ViMove for Climate, we are offering our contribution to reforestation, and for future generations.

The image shows the Chyulu Hills in Kenya.
Chyulu Hills, Kenya © Chooose
The picture shows CEO Max Viessmann and CSO Thomas Heim

150,000 trees have already been planted

Between members of the Viessmann family, their families, friends and Viessmann business partners, over 5,000 people across three dozen countries already took part in #ViMove for Climate in the summer of 2020. The winter sports athletes who are sponsored by Viessmann were also enthusiastic, with ski jumper Richard Freitag contributing 1,279 kilometers cumulatively alongside the other Viessmann athletes.

In total, participants cycled, jogged, walked and hiked exactly 296,751 kilometers. For each kilometer jogged or for every three kilometers biked, we donated a young tree, and after a short time, we had already surpassed our original goal of 50,000 trees. In the second round of #ViMove for Climate, another 85,000 trees were added, bringing up the total to 150,000 by the end. Co-CEO Max Viessmann also joined in by cycling: “I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our family members, and our partners, and I am already looking forward to the next round of #ViMove for Climate”.

We are building on the great success by continuing #ViMove for Climate. Anyone can take part, whether they are a member of the Viessmann family or not. And with around 20 types of exercise, everyone is sure to find a way to participate. “It is a really great project,” says CSO Thomas Heim. “It’s fun and we all benefit, including the climate.” Norwegian start-up CHOOOSE is supporting us in coordinating the reforestation projects. The first trees have been planted in Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia, as well as in China, Russia, Germany and the U.K.

Trees make a habitat precious

Trees are our partner in climate conservation. Forests provide valuable habitats for both plants and animals. Reforestation projects ensure their preservation and biodiversity, and CHOOOSE selects projects that are aligned with at least three of the UN Sustainable Development goals, so each project also has a positive impact on social and ecological development. The following projects have received donations of trees from Viessmann:

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Stay active – and let us plant the trees

Climate conservation is a shared concern for all of use. #ViMove for Climate offers you a great opportunity to do something for your health and for the environment at the same time. If you start exercising on January 4 and share your active achievements with us, Viessmann will reward you by planting trees in Uganda and Kenya. With your support, we are now setting our sights on our next goal: 300,000 trees.

Join in! Here is how.