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With our innovative solutions, we push the limits of what is technologically possible

To drive and shape the technological change – this is in Viessmann’s DNA. Viessmann has been on the road to innovation since the company was first founded. Every day, we work to further improve our climate solutions – for people and for the environment.

There is no future without the power of innovation. That is our belief. At Viessmann, we play a key role in shaping how our society uses energy today and tomorrow. The goal of our engineers, technicians, product managers, software developers, data specialists – the whole Viessmann family – is to constantly develop solutions made for the future.  

As a company, we are constantly evolving.

Maximilian Viessmann CEO

We want to enhance the value for our customers and advance environmental conservation. Digitalization plays a decisive role here: It is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of the energy transition and for our economic success in the market. That’s why we are consistently digitizing all of our processes, solutions, and services. 

Research and development for peak performance

At Viessmann, research and development are of a great importance, and we offer our solutions as proof time and time again. This is also apparent in the Technikum. We invested more than 50 million Euros in the state-of-the-art research and development center in Allendorf (Eder), making it the largest single investment in the history of our company. We designed the Technikum so that our engineers and specialists from across disciplines can work together in co-creation to develop innovative climate solutions – from prototype to series production.

We deliver peak performance. Many of our solutions have become technological milestones. With efficiency levels of up to 98 percent, our heating systems almost completely convert the energy used into usable heat. We apply the high standard of energy efficiency from our heat generators to our generators, cooling systems, and modern steam systems as well. And we are constantly pushing the limits of what is technologically possible.


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Innovations of today – ready for tomorrow

For more than 100 years, Viessmann has developed solutions that are better than what came before them. We continue to drive innovation forward to this day. But technological milestones are not an end in and of themselves for us. With our cutting-edge technology, we are contributing to achieving our climate targets and creating living spaces for generations to come.

Climate-friendly, sustainable and innovative

Back in the late 1970s, we brought the first air-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps to the market, and have been steadily developing the technology ever since. The high-efficiency, climate-friendly, and sustainable heat pumps use free energy from the ground heat, the sun, the groundwater, and the air. They save valuable resources and reduce CO₂ emissions – making them crucial to the energy transition. Launched in 2021, the Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A models are particularly well-suited for modernizing old gas or oil heating systems, leading the way for heat pumps to be installed in existing buildings as well.

For regeneratively generated hydrogen (h₂)

Viessmann is one of the first manufacturers globally to develop condensing boilers that can be operated with pure hydrogen (h₂) and therefore release no climate-damaging CO₂. The prototypes, which are 100-percent H₂-ready, are already underway in the Technikum. The first practical use case is scheduled for the beginning of 2023. As the prototypes are based on proven condensing boilers for natural gas that are already in series production, the future series application can be powered by natural gas, a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, and pure hydrogen as well. Today, an addition of up to 20 percent hydrogen is already possible.

Vitovalor - product range for independence

The principle of cogeneration of heat and power is at the basis of fuel cells. In 2014, Viessmann brought the first series-produced fuel-cell heating system for single- and multi-family homes to the market. To this day, the Vitovalor product range is highly efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. The Vitovalor fuel cell uses hydrogen, which is obtained from natural gas, as an energy source. The hydrogen then reacts with oxygen in a chemical reaction. This “cold combustion” produces both electricity and heat. In doing so, the high-efficiency technology allows households to operate more independently of the public power supply – and of rising electricity prices. The upcoming Vitovalor generation can be operated with an addition of up to 20 percent hydrogen in the natural gas.

Digital tools for users and trade partners

Innovation means that we are not only bringing better solutions to the market, but that we are also improving the user experience at the same time – both for end users, and for our trade partners. With Viessmann One Base, we offer a comprehensive ecosystem for anyone who wants to make their home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and future-proof. Viessmann One Base seamlessly connects various Viessmann products and systems with apps, service tools, and smart home systems to create an energy and climate solution.

We are taking digitalization as the opportunity of the century – because it is a prerequisite for the success of the energy transition as well

Maximilian Viessmann CEO

Whether it’s the Vitocal heat pump, the Vitoair ventilation system, or the Vitocharge VX3 power storage system – anyone who wants to create a comfortable atmosphere in every room of their home independently can control all systems using the free ViCare app on their smartphone. Integrated in the app, Viessmann Energy Management optimizes the operation of all connected energy systems in the home and displays the energy flows on the user’s smartphone or tablet in real time. This allows users to regulate different system components across their home in a way that conserves resources and energy.

A specialist operator can monitor installed systems online if the owner wishes. ViGuide provides our trade partners with a digital service tool for commissioning, maintaining, servicing, and monitoring their systems. This means that our trade partners have an overview of their heating, ventilation, and other systems, and they can detect irregularities early – often long before the user notices them.

With the Viessmann PartnerPortal, we are also opening the doors to the digital Viessmann world to our trade partners. In the Viessmann PartnerShop, our partners can access every transaction in their Viessmann account from any end device in the world.

A selection of our patents

To successfully establish technological solutions and innovative ideas on the market, our patents are an essential protection of intellectual property. Below, find a selection of some of the major milestones in our patent history.

New Hydro AutoControl Hydraulics

The new generation of Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A heat pumps come with new, patented hydraulics that enable installation and set-up in record time. Hydro AutoControl ensures optimal circulation rates, and adapts to virtually all existing heating systems. Thanks to this innovation, the space required for the system is reduced by up to 60 percent, and the installation time is reduced by up to 90 minutes in comparison to conventional heat pumps. 

EC Pro Modular System Combines Refrigeration and Heating

EsyCool green solution is the sustainable energy solution for food retailers. At the heart of the solution are the Tecto EC Pro refrigerating units, which use the natural refrigerant R290 with a heat recovery function. Installed outdoors, they offer the highest quality and operational reliability. Retailers can use the modular system to combine cooling and heating technologies. The system can also be expanded to store excess energy. It uses 90 percent less refrigerant charge compared to traditional systems, and reduces the energy consumption by 15 to 25 percent.

ThermProtect Overheating Protection for Flat-Plate Collectors

Untapped collectors risk overheating, and unwanted steam often forms inside them. To prevent this, Viessmann developed ThermProtect, which was patented in 2017. Used in the flat-plate collectors from the Vitosol product line, the principle is based on a special absorbing coating. When a certain temperature limit is reached, the collector changes its crystal structure. The energy absorption then switches off, preventing the collector from overheating. 

The TectoDeck MD5 Air Curtains

In refrigerated display cases, low air movement is important to prevent drying out goods – especially when they are displayed in the open. The patented TectoDeck MD5 Air Curtain solution creates a low air speed without large-scale heat exchanges. Using a dual conveyor system, the heat transfer can be decoupled from the rate of the cooled airstream. Previously, only large, cost-intensive refrigeration units were able to do this.

Viessmann heat pump generations since 1978

As early as 1978, we successfully launched the first heat pumps on the market – since then, we have optimized them again and again, making them steadily more efficient and reliable from one generation to the next, as it were – until they reached absolute perfection. You can see the different generations of heat pumps from 1978 to today below:

Heat pumps for our climate

Climate heroes for the last 106 years – for the present and future.

Generation I

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Heat pump L08, heat pump L02, heat pump WWK-02, Vitocal 300 (type BW).

Generation II

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Vitocal 300 (type WW), Vitotres, Vitocal 350, Vitocal 350 with Vitocell 100.

Generation III

Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Vitocal 300-G, Vitocal 200-S, Vitocal 300-A, Vitocal 200-A.

Latest Generation

Vitocal 250-A: The high-quality air/water heat pump in monoblock design with a flow temperature of up to 70 °C especially for modernization. Output range: 7.3 to 8.1 kW (for A7/W35). With One Base (E3) control generation. Outdoor unit in Vitographit.

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