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Regina Müller

I'm someone who moves with the times.

For more than 30 years, Regina Müller has been looking after the needs of Viessmann’s Sales and Service employees in a team of three. She listens to what her colleagues have to say, finds solutions, and always keeps the company’s goals in mind.

You can confidently call Regina Müller a good soul. She has been working for Viessmann for 36 years, 32 of which have been in the HR department. “I was there when the company got its first fax machine,” says Regina. A lot has happened since then. Not only has her field of work changed, but with digitalization the whole company has transformed. Everything has become faster, processing times are shorter. But Regina does not miss the old days, on the contrary: “I’m someone who moves with the times.”

Regina comes from Bottendorf. This is only ten kilometers away from Allendorf (Eder), Viessmann’s headquarters. The company is known throughout the region. Relatives, friends, and fellow students are employed there. But after finishing high school, she started her career in 1979 at furniture manufacturer Thonet. There she also met her husband. Regina joined Viessmann in 1984. “I’m very attached to my home region and very happy to live and work here.”

From secretary to HR employee

Her first stop at Viessmann was the central typing pool. It was an educational time: together with her colleagues at the time, she formed the administrative office and wrote letters, communications, and texts for all departments. She gained a variety of insights into the company and its processes. This enabled her to present even complex issues in an understandable way in her texts. “You have to think of absolutely every aspect,” a former supervisor once told her – and this is still her motto. She works independently, thinks proactively, takes the initiative, and does not wait to be given tasks and be told what to do. “It’s in my nature to think for the company and therefore act responsibly,” says Regina.

I also think for the company and the employees and act responsibly accordingly.

Regina Müller HR-Specialist

Even back then, she worked particularly closely with the HR department. Word of her dedication got around. When an HR assistant position opened up in fall 1988, she was offered the job. “And I’m still there today,” says Regina, and adds with a laugh: “My resume is very simple.” But, in contrast, her workday is very varied. Together with her boss and a business partner, she looks after hundreds of Sales and Service employees throughout Germany for Viessmann Germany. Her tasks are varied. For example, she contacts candidates, draws up contracts, makes submissions to the works council, and issues certificates for employees. She takes care of job advertisements, obtains approvals to fill vacancies, and provides employees with telephone support, for example, when they need certificates.

The love for human beings

Regina loves her job, she can’t imagine ever doing anything else. No two days are the same. And she enjoys working with her younger teammates, from whom she always learns something new, but to whom, at the same time, she can always give advice. Because she has been with the company for so many years, Regina has a lot of experience which she likes to pass on.

In her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her husband most of all. Together they have already traveled around many countries. They’ve been to the USA, Russia, China, and Thailand. But the destinations are closer nowadays. “We converted a 1958 Opel Blitz into a camper and enjoy driving it around Germany,” says Regina. The two of them have visited Deutsches Eck, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, and next they might go to Lake IJssel in Holland, she doesn’t know exactly yet. “When you have a car like this, you can just get in and drive off.” That sounds like a good plan.

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