Patrick Schardt

The work at Viessmann is diverse.

Patrick Schardt has been working as a field service technician for 3 years. The man from Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, ensures that all Viessmann products run smoothly at the customers' premises.

The image shows field service technician Patrick Schardt at a heating system.

After long and sometimes exhausting working days, Patrick loves to explore the local countryside on his mountain bike or on foot while hiking. Many years ago, he discovered his passion for mountain biking and all the fun involved as a way to balance his work life. "After a long day this helps ground me."

Never stop learning

The 34 year old had already worked in customer service for nine years before joining Viessmann in 2017 as a field service technician. 

I have the chance to develop myself constantly.

Patrick Schardt // field service technician

Tinkering with and optimizing systems are his passion, and what drives him every day. His personal motto is to never stop learning, which is why he keeps on developing himself professionally.

No day is like any other.

He particularly likes his profession because of its variety. As a service technician and expert in his field, Patrick has a wide range of applications, anything from "single-family homes to large system installations". Not only does the size of the plant make each assignment different, but also the needs of his unique customers. In his job flexibility, organization and improvisation are indispensable as he is responsible for stock upkeep, writing invoices, processing orders as well as taking care of and training new employees. In short, this makes Patrick an "allrounder", and above all an expert at the customer's site.

Viessmann trusts its employees.

When Patrick joined Viessmann, he was surprised by the down to earth and very personal culture within the company. "I appreciate that about the company", emphasizes Patrick. To this day, it gives him a feeling of trust and a valued member of the Viessmann family. This has boosted his motivation and helped him hit the ground running. The level of trust that Viessmann places in its employees is something that Patrick notices time and again in how freely he can work without being constantly monitored. "The trust I get from others makes my work feel special", he emphasizes.

Viessmann employee in production

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