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Milli Heiniemi

We do things that we thought were impossible.

Viessmann unifies an international team, and as Marketing Manager Milli Heiniemi explains, this is at the heart of creativity.

For Milli Heiniemi, making the move to Viessmann was an easy choice. The Marketing Manager joined Viessmann at the beginning of 2019. Her previous work experience had spanned over two decades spent in her home country Finland: A former graphic designer, she had most recently worked in marketing and coordination across domains from the automotive industry to ice cream brands when she was contacted by a former coworker about an opening for a Marketing Manager at Viessmann. In 2013 the family-owned company had acquired Norpe, a refrigerating solutions company at which Milli had worked nearly a decade ago and had enjoyed it a lot. So soon she returned to the same facilities in Porvoo, Finland.

Everyone feels like one big family.

Milli Heiniemi Marketing Manager

Milli’s work centers on reaching new customers across the Nordics — and beyond. With local sales offices in Baltics, Benelux, Scandinavia and many more, Viessmann is an international business, both in clients and in staff. Though her colleagues come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, Milli still finds that the close-knit community in the office has kept its charm and atmosphere – even as it continues to grow at a rapid pace. She says, “I feel like even the new employees have been here forever”.

The diversity at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions’ manufacturing and sales offices means that there is always more to learn and be inspired by in the workplace, and with new team members joining every week, Milli says that the supportive culture at Viessmann made it easy to find her footing. It also offers plenty of opportunities to excel: At work, Milli finds it easy to take ownership of her responsibilities, and to advocate for her team in a fast-moving environment.

There’s plenty of work to do — and plenty of resources to help you succeed

As regional Marketing Manager, Milli has a busy schedule. Viessmann participates and hosts events and exhibitions across Europe, and Milli is part of the team responsible for their success. From assembling materials and presentations to liaising with local offices, she has a broad network of team members who can help translate her ideas into impact as part of the marketing team. It also means she can best serve her customers: Armed with the know-how that comes with an expert team from around the world, Milli can focus on finding new solutions for new regions.

“It’s a lot of work, as we are still a small team,” she admits. But it also means that she can set her sights on broader horizons: Milli’s work promises an international perspective focused on addressing local markets. With key insights from regional sales teams, Milli can focus on tailoring her work to her customers’ needs with creative and thoughtful campaigns. Viessmann is known for bespoke solutions that are designed in collaboration with their customers, and Milli is given the freedom to explore how best to market these services to speak to an ever-broadening audience with the same level of care and attention to detail that Viessmann’s services entail.

“We provide something better for our customers.”

Viessmann’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself and that is part of the appeal for Milli: It means she can focus on finding new approaches to existing services. From exhibitions to promotional videos, Milli’s work focuses on generating a newfound interest for products that have already left a lasting impact in the industry and building on a company with a multi-generational legacy. She says, “We do things that we thought were impossible”.

Milli says that this makes her work more exciting: Viessmann’s reputation and existing expectations are the foundation upon which her team can explore new approaches and experiment with new ideas. This means that the international team can fully use their past experiences to leverage emerging markets and engage potential customers. She says, “We have a strong brand, so it’s a matter of finding a new way to serve our customer’s needs, and having the creativity to do so. Luckily, we can dive a little deeper into that every day.”

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