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Whether in research and development, in production or in IT, engineers play a central role in all fields at Viessmann. Their knowledge and experience are crucial towards achieving our corporate sustainability goals.

The image shows a female engineer in the technical center.

Current job openings for engineers

Do you want to develop climate-friendly solutions and improve how we live together on our planet? Then become a part of the Viessmann family. 

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From good ideas to tailor-made solutions

As an engineer at Viessmann, you will work on solutions that matter: Whether it’s a climate solution for healthy living spaces, efficient energy concepts for industrial projects or innovative cooling systems for commercial clients from shopping centers to hospitals.

Our work is practice-oriented to ensure that good ideas are realized as sustainable custom-fit solutions. Our partners guide our development process, and speed is our motto. Rapid prototyping and 3D modeling are as much a part of the solutions as learning from errors and connecting across areas of expertise. 

Viessmann is a leader in innovation

At Viessmann, engineers are the driving force of climate conservation, for which the widespread adoption of hydrogen will be key. Together with leading energy experts, we are campaigning for a secure supply of affordable energy and heating. Viessmann is part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH₂A), whose goal is to harness and further develop the potential of hydrogen as a CO₂-neutral energy source.

Viessmann has always set the pace technologically.

Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann

The Viessmann Technikum is a great place for engineers: We develop ideas and co-create prototypes here until they are ready for series production. With 160 work stations, the research and development center opened in 2017, and it is the nucleus for innovation and digital transformation in Allendorf (Eder). Together, we are leading Viessmann’s innovation concepts into the next century at the Viessmann Technikum.

A job that matters

Throughout our over 100-year-long history, we have transformed from a heating manufacturer to a global leader in technology. Research and development are the key to our top-of-the-line products and solutions: From steel boilers to biferral composite heating elements to MatriX radiant burners or fuel-cell heating units.

Our goal has always been to offer the best protection for our environment. With efficiency up to 90 percent, our heating systems reach the limits of what is technically feasible. In 2021 alone, Viessmann solutions will have saved more than 500000 tons of CO2. We always work with the most modern working methods and state-of-the-art technologies. Responsibility and courage are at the core of how we continually shape the future of the company. 





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Shape your future with us as well

Today, the global Viessmann family includes 14500 members. Every member does their part to create living spaces for future generations. Our people are as diverse as the plans and skills they bring to the table, and what they develop with us.

I always have the opportunity to learn the trends of system simulation and integrate new features all the time.

Amruta Patil // Simulation and Test Engineer

We value the skills, qualities and achievements of all members of the Viessmann family and promote them accordingly. As part of our commitment to people development, we offer varied career paths that take into account the potential of each individual employee.

Those who develop, install and maintain climate-friendly energy systems must constantly learn, and the Viessmann Academy supports our employees and partners in mastering the technical challenges of the future.

The image shows 2 engineers at Viessmann in production.

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Let’s roll up our sleeves together and find good solutions to the future’s challenges. Work as an engineer at Viessmann with state-of-the-art technology, help shape tomorrow’s processes and bring your personal passion to the forefront as you co-create living spaces for generations to come. Apply now to become a part of the Viessmann family.

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